04 Dec
Learning for Not for Profits
The Benefits of LMS for Nonprofits
Category: eLearning
A Learning Management System is a digital platform designed to create, distribute, and manage educational content and training programs. It serves as a hub where nonprofits can ...
22 Nov
Understanding Blended Learning
Understanding Blended Learning: A Comprehensive Guide
Category: eLearning
Blended learning represents a fusion of traditional classroom teaching methods and modern digital learning techniques. This educational approach combines face-to-face instructio...
06 Nov
gamification in elearning
The Benefits of Gamification in E-Learning
Category: eLearning
Gamification, a groundbreaking strategy in the educational sphere, involves applying game design elements in e-learning platforms to make the process more dynamic, interactive, ...
28 Oct
lms for healthcare
The Benefits of LMS for Healthcare Organizations
Category: eLearning
The healthcare sector faces endless challenges with keeping pace with continuous education, skill enhancement, and strict regulatory compliance, all crucial for high-quality pat...
17 Oct
Cutting Costs with LMS
Cut Expenses with LMS
Category: eLearning
Businesses constantly strive to reduce costs and improve productivity, particularly during economic downturns. Totara LMS, a leading Learning Management System (LMS), offers a p...
08 Oct
DevLearn Las Vegas 2023
Webanywhere at DevLearn 2023
Category: eLearning, Learning technology in...
We’re delighted to announce our participation in DevLearn 2023, a highly anticipated event that converges the worlds of learning, technology, and innovation. Set against t...
31 Aug
AI in Corporate Training
AI Transforms Education Landscape
Category: eLearning, Industry insights
Exploring the Transformative Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education The realm of education is experiencing a profound transformation through the rapid integration of artif...
23 Aug
Corporate Training Job Roles
Corporate Learning Job Roles Landscape
Category: eLearning
In the world of Learning and Development (L&D), a diverse range of roles plays a pivotal role in shaping the growth and transformation of organizations. As companies recogni...
12 Jul
Online Learning Summit, The University of Leeds
Online Learning Summit, The University of Leeds
Category: eLearning, Online Learning
The Online Learning Summit held at the University of Leeds in July, 2023, brought together educators, researchers, and experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities in onl...
01 Jun
Webanywhere Latest Podcasts
Our Latest Podcasts
Category: eLearning, Future learning, Indus...
The global workforce has witnessed significant changes in recent times, driven by technological advancements and the impact of the pandemic. As organizations adapt to a rapidly ...