14 Feb
LMS Can Foster Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
How an LMS Can Foster Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
Category: eLearning
Promoting diversity is a lot more than playing political stunts and improving brand awareness. Data shows that racially diverse organisations are 35% more productive than their ...
10 Jan
Preparing your organisation for digital transformation
Make Your Employees Change-Ready in the Age of Digital Transformation
Category: eLearning
The digital age is upon us. Technology has already been progressing at an exponential rate, but since the pandemic, we are more reliant on technology than ever before. As a resu...
27 Oct
L and D
How to build a great Learning and Development strategy in 2021
Category: eLearning
Over the past decade or so, the global workforce has undergone a massive shift in their mindset and ways of working. Accordingly, the Learning and Development strategy of an org...
01 Oct
Top 10 eLearning Terms and Jargon You Should Know (2)
Top 10 eLearning Terms and Jargon You Should Know
Category: eLearning
Did you recently accept a job in the eLearning industry? Or maybe you’re looking for your next best eLearning project investment? Whatever the case, chances are you may or may n...
21 Jul
Join us for the Summer edition of Learning Summit
Category: eLearning
Learning Summit is a free and collaborative virtual event for L&D professionals, HR Directors, and other leaders within eLearning space. The event will take place on Friday,...
23 Jun
5 Benefits of Using eLearning in 2021
Category: eLearning
With many of us still working from home over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be thinking about how you’ll deliver training for your employees moving forwards. Whilst ...