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As a Platinum Totara partner, we play a key role in developing the platform and helping with the vision for the future of the system. We provide a fully comprehensive corporate solution including consultancy, training, custom configuration, systems integration, cloud or managed hosting, user journey, theme design and after-sales support. Let us help you with just one feature or the entire collection – the choice is yours.

Totara Learn is a Learning Management System (LMS) that addresses the needs of the modern corporate environment. Totara Learn specializes in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and talent management, which can be completely customized to the specific needs of enterprise training and HR departments everywhere. This platform can provide some of the most advanced features in the online learning management sphere and because there are no per-user licence fees, at a much reduced cost.

Brandon Hall Award Totara LMS

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use, responsive interface means your people can access the full power of Totara Learn on all devices, while the visual theming can be fully re-branded without compromise.
  • Unified learning and performance allows you to capture and assess learning, manage professional development, and optimize people performance across your organization.
  • Learning Plans for every learner, based on job roles and associated competencies, provides quick and targeted access to relevant learning and tracking.
  • Competency frameworks enable curriculum planning, learner pathways, and developmental needs analysis. Link skills to employees or extended enterprise learners based on position and organization with competency tracking.
  • Adaptive learning allows you to create custom learning pathways for different user groups to improve learning performance.
  • Organization and position hierarchies allow you to track specific competencies, assign learning, and automatically filter reports.
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) with seminar-based training management, self-service and manager approval booking, and attendance tracking.
  • Flexible reporting with personalized dashboards, custom and graphical reporting, completion tracking, and scheduling and exporting of results helps you ensure compliance. Assign reports to team or divisional managers.
  • Sophisticated assessment engine allows you to create assessments from question banks and track scores and completion rates.
  • Administrative user interface enables you to integrate with HR, CRM, and other systems to keep all compliance data in one place, simplify the user experience, and optimize workflows.

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totara learn social lms

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Totara Social is an open source Enterprise Social Network (ESN) designed to manage and connect your people to the knowledge and resources within your organization. It’s easy to set up groups, start conversations and explore topics in an informal environment, giving everyone the opportunity to have their say, no matter where they are. It’s the best way to bring people together to share experiences and expertise, giving your people and community a more efficient way to stay on top of the latest, most relevant content.

Key Features

  • Comments, discussion forums, and votes enable your people to collaborate, easily find answers, and quickly share feedback.
  • Activity streams allow your people to catch up on what’s important to them across conversations, polls, and new content posts.
  • Individual or group chats, appealing to social learning, make quick catch-ups and sharing of ideas easy.
  • Pages enable you to curate relevant and engaging content to share with others.
  • Groups enable your people to create collaborative user groups and share the right information with the right audiences.
  • Resume enables your people to list their skills so that leadership can build high performing teams that can drive your organization to success.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics in Totara Learn with Zoola Analytics

Zoola Analytics is an award-winning, cloud-based reporting and analytics solution that allows you to prove the impact of your Learning. It is built for Totara, and xAPI-conformant systems. Zoola Analytics gives complete and secure access to your raw data, stunning reports and dashboards, embedded reports, and automated delivery.

Zoola Analytics