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The future of learning is mobile

Introducing new mobile learning apps that allow learning to be possible anywhere, anytime.

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Watch and Learn

Watch and Learn Team Communication / Knowledge sharing App

Watch and Learn is an informal, social learning app that enables peer-to-peer knowledge creation, sharing and exchange through the use of video to increase job performance.

the forgetting curve
learner reinforcement

Our mission is to ensure that learning is continuous, not a one off fix for a short period … but remembered and unforgotten.

Watch and learn is a tool to enable this retention of learning within your organisation, making the informal learning a formal process for L&D teams to capture learning as it happens in the business. We have found that this increases retention of learning for 80% and more over time, rather than completely diminishing.

Sound Branch

sound branch team communication app

Sound Branch is an easy-to-use voice messaging app to help connect, manage and engage your teams effectively with 10-second audio clips, private messaging and more.

Voice search is coming and 50% of people will be using their voice to search the internet by 2020. With this sweeping change in technology and users not needing to touch their screens, opportunities for new platforms and media will emerge. Sound Branch is one of those platforms that take advantage of voice technology connecting human beings with voice notes.

Sound Branch also makes micro-podcasting available to people and lets everyone grow their voice in new ways. Talk to your colleagues around the world and broaden your horizons!