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23 Jun
AI and learning and Development
Artificial Intelligence and its Increasing Value in Improving Employee L&D
Category: eLearning
Businesses adopting artificial intelligence rose 270% from 2016 to 2019. AI has touched every facet of our lives — from business to education. Learning and development at office...
09 Jun
Adaptive Learning vs Personalized Learning
Adaptive Learning vs Personalised Learning
Category: eLearning
Adaptive learning and personalised learning are two terms that are often used interchangeably by educators. Despite their close relation, they are very different terms.  The WCE...
26 May
L&D Transformation
5 Steps for a Successful L&D Transformation
Category: eLearning
The global workforce is undergoing a monumental shift. The rise of technology, the uncertainty brought by the pandemic, and the positive shift of inclusion and diversity are all...
12 May
Agile and Beyond
Why L&D Must Embrace Agile & Beyond 2022
Category: eLearning
Agile & Beyond is a 2-day conference held every year in the USA that brings together developers and designers from around the world. The conference’s focus is on Agile...
28 Apr
productive diversity
Negotiating Learner Differences Towards Productive Diversity
Category: eLearning
Over 42% of the workforce today belongs to non-majority groups.  They are expected to reach majority status by 2044. As workplaces become more diverse and inclusive, it becomes ...
14 Apr
diversity in workplace
Importance Of Diversity In Shaping The Leaders Of Tomorrow
Category: eLearning
As many as 80% of the workforce unanimously agree that they would want to work for a company that values diversity and inclusivity. Students from diverse backgrounds in all unde...
31 Mar
Boost Work Efficiency with LMS
5 Ways to Boost General Work Efficiency with LMS
Category: eLearning
Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the most important tools to foster communication via social learning. It empowers business development by spotting low-performing patt...
17 Mar
learning ecosystem strategy
Building An Effective Learning Ecosystem In 2022
Category: eLearning
More than 70% of an employee’s skills are acquired by them through their jobs.  Learning on the job is an incredibly important aspect of said job. It becomes even more paramount...
28 Feb
LMS for Training Delivery
Top 5 Practices of Using an LMS for Training Delivery
Category: eLearning
Corporate training has undergone sea changes over the past few years, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. LMS (Learning Management System) tools have proven to be very effe...
21 Feb
build a strong learning ecosystem post the pandemic era
Why Do You Need To Build A Strong Learning Ecosystem Post The Pandemic Era?
Category: eLearning
2020 and 2021 have shown that resilience can take us through any unforeseen calamity. The organisations that could navigate through the challenges emerged on top once the pandem...