01 Jun
Webanywhere Latest Podcasts
Our Latest Podcasts
Category: eLearning, Future learning, Indus...
The global workforce has witnessed significant changes in recent times, driven by technological advancements and the impact of the pandemic. As organizations adapt to a rapidly ...
22 Apr
Build a Customer University
Build a Customer University
Category: eLearning, LMS Solutions, Totara
Customers have more choices than ever before. As a result, companies are constantly searching for ways to differentiate themselves and create a competitive advantage. One increa...
28 Mar
ROI of Training
How to Calculate the ROI of Training
Category: eLearning
Investing in employee training and development is a critical component of any organization’s strategy to enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and achieve long-term su...
10 Feb
Webanywhere (2)
Step Up Your Workplace Game with Totara LMS
Category: e-Learning consultancy, eLearning...
07 Jul
ATD orlando 2022
In Review: Webanywhere at ATD Orlando 2022
Category: eLearning
Following the COVID-19 pandemic that had forced people from around the world into the confinement of their homes, the ATD 2022 event was a breath of fresh air. After a long time...
23 Jun
AI and learning and Development
Artificial Intelligence and its Increasing Value in Improving Employee L&D
Category: eLearning
Businesses adopting artificial intelligence rose 270% from 2016 to 2019. AI has touched every facet of our lives — from business to education. Learning and development at office...
09 Jun
Adaptive Learning vs Personalized Learning
Adaptive Learning vs Personalised Learning
Category: eLearning
Adaptive learning and personalised learning are two terms that are often used interchangeably by educators. Despite their close relation, they are very different terms.  The WCE...
26 May
L&D Transformation
5 Steps for a Successful L&D Transformation
Category: eLearning
The global workforce is undergoing a monumental shift. The rise of technology, the uncertainty brought by the pandemic, and the positive shift of inclusion and diversity are all...