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Totara Mobile: Mobile e-Learning Platform

Create The Perfect Mobile eLearning For Your Organisation

Did you know? 30% of smartphone owners already use mobile for on-the-go learning

The Totara Mobile app allows learners to continue learning on the go. It puts training content in their pockets, making it accessible anywhere and anytime.

With the technological revolution and the need for a continuous learning model, mobile learning has steadily become a staple in today’s digital world.


What is Mobile Learning?

The mobile learning model is an extension of eLearning that aims to make learning accessible, inclusive, and convenient for all. It is reported that implementing mobile learning can boost staff productivity by up to 43%.

More than half of business leaders noticed a positive impact after adopting the mLearning model. It makes on-the-job training more flexible and encourages learners to engage in it more often.

How can an LMS help with mobile first learning?

To implement mobile learning there are a few things to consider. First, the LMS must be mobile-responsive to cater to mobile users. Second, the LMS must be accessible to learners by either a corporate VPN or the Internet. Many of our customers have moved from older generation LMS platforms to Totara in order to reap the benefits of mobile learning.

Totara Mobile Features

Let us take a look at the key features of Skills Anywhere LMS:

a) Anytime, anywhere
With cloud Totara hosting options and iOS and Android native apps, your learners can access learning from wherever they are, creating a continuous learning curve. The user interface is mobile-friendly and very easy to use.

b) Individual-focused

Totara provides users with a flexible learning experience. It was designed to manage multiple learners at different stages. The content can be setup to use adaptive learning paths based on the learners’ learning capabilities.

c) Certification
Validate employees’ training experience with online certification. Useful to prove knowledge and for recurring compliance training.

Mobile LMS Benefits

Mobile learning platforms offer the convenience of learning at your convenience. You can design learning and training materials your employees can access anywhere and at any time.

Learners can consume content at their own pace, knowing that they don’t have to rush through anything. It increases the efficiency and willingness to learn. You will see increased retention rates and better completion rates of courses. 

By allowing learners to consume content at their own pace, you’ll see higher retention rates and better completion rates. It increases efficiency and willingness to learn.

Advantages of Totara Mobile Learning Solutions

Webanywhere’s Totara Mobile streamlines employee training and development, making it effortlessly accessible on the go without the hassle of software installations. It’s fully available through web browsers, mobiles, or tablets, ensuring ease of use for you and your team anywhere.

Thanks to its open-source framework, Totara Mobile cuts down on license fees and external dependencies, offering a cost-effective learning solution. Its user-friendly design and multimedia training support cultivate a unified learning environment across your organization.

Totara Mobile also includes advanced reporting and analytics for effective performance management and appraisals. This continuous evaluation approach reduces recency bias and accurately reflects each employee’s abilities, enhancing overall organizational performance.

Totara Mobile LMS FAQ