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Webanywhere Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Report 2024

Andrew Morley, CEO, Blessed Christopher Wharton Trust, Anna Gautrey, Learning Director & Alexis Arguelles, Communications Manager

At Webanywhere, our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is integral to our ethos of leveraging technology to foster positive changes within our communities and towards the environment. Our CSR policy mirrors our dedication to sustainable development, community engagement, and the practice of responsible business. Here, we detail our key initiatives:

Educational Support During Funding Crises

In response to financial difficulties faced by educational bodies, Webanywhere has provided vital support. When a funding crisis affected our longstanding customers, including schools and a school trust, WebAnywhere offered essential aid. We provided complimentary website hosting, support, training, and design services to 20 schools and a school trust at no cost. This initiative, valued at £70,000, allowed the trust to retain its teaching and support staff, ensuring the continuity of high-quality education.

Quote from Sean Gilligan, Founder & CEO of Webanywhere:

“In times of hardship, it’s crucial to support the pillars of our community. By assisting schools and a trust during their funding crisis, we’ve helped preserve the quality of education for numerous students. It’s a clear reflection of our values and commitment to social responsibility.”

Quote from Andrew Morley, CEO of Blessed Christopher Wharton Multi Academy Trust:

“During our most challenging times, Webanywhere’s generous contribution was a beacon of hope. Their provision of complimentary services saved us £70,000, safeguarding our staff’s positions and our pupils’ learning. Their support has been invaluable to our community.”

Supporting Part-Time Parents with Flexible Work

Webanywhere acknowledges and values the contributions of every team member, including those balancing their professional lives with family commitments. Within our Education division, we have introduced flexible working arrangements that empower part-time parents to work from home and adjust their work schedules around their family lives. This initiative highlights our commitment to inclusivity and the well-being of our employees.

Complimentary Websites for Schools and Churches

Continuing our commitment to community support, Webanywhere offers free website services to selected schools and churches. This initiative aims to empower these institutions to improve their online presence and more effectively engage with their communities, without incurring additional costs.

Strategic Blue Partnership

At Webanywhere, we take our environmental impact seriously. That’s why we’ve selected to work with Strategic Blue, a leading AWS hosting reseller with a clear commitment to sustainability. Through our collaboration with Strategic Blue, we align strongly with our shared goal of reaching net zero emissions.

IT Equipment Recycling

When it’s time to retire old hardware, we ensure that sensitive data is securely destroyed, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of our clients’ information. Once data destruction is complete, we partner with local IT recycling organizations to responsibly dispose of the equipment. By recycling our IT equipment, we’re not only reducing electronic waste but also contributing to the circular economy. Materials from retired hardware are repurposed or recycled, minimizing our environmental footprint and conserving valuable resources.

Environmental Responsibility through Hybrid Work

Webanywhere is committed to minimising our environmental impact through mindful policies on hybrid work and travel. Our hybrid working policy facilitates remote work for employees, reducing the need for daily commuting and, consequently, lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Our travel policy promotes sustainable travel options and minimises unnecessary travel.

Quote from Ciaran Gilligan, VP of Service Delivery:

“Our approach to hybrid working and travel is a testament to Webanywhere’s commitment to environmental stewardship. By fostering flexible work arrangements and promoting sustainable travel, we’re enhancing our team’s work-life balance and contributing significantly to the reduction of our carbon footprint.”

Quote from Steve Ding, VP of Client Services:

“Our initiatives, especially providing free services to schools and supporting flexible working arrangements, demonstrate Webanywhere’s dedication to making a positive impact. Whether it’s helping educational institutions save resources or enabling our employees to thrive, we’re committed to doing our part for both the community and the environment.”

Webanywhere’s CSR policy reflects our belief in responsible business conduct, support for our communities, environmental sustainability, and the well-being of our employees. We are proud of the positive impact our initiatives have made and remain dedicated to continuing our efforts in these important areas.

Mums Anywhere Unites Mums Globally Through Voice

The creation of the Mums Anywhere mobile app is highlighted as a pivotal innovation designed to support mothers globally. This platform was developed and offered for free, showcasing Webanywhere’s commitment to leveraging technology for social good. Mums Anywhere stands out by enabling mothers to connect through the power of voice notes, fostering empathetic and powerful connections over the internet. This initiative is celebrated as a socially responsible project, underlying Webanywhere’s dedication to enhancing the well-being of families and communities through digital solutions. The App featured midwives, lactation consultants and sleep experts to support mothers in the early stages of being a mum. Mums Anywhere is free for mums to access worldwide and provides an online support network.

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