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LMS for Fashion & Luxury Companies | LMS for Apparel Industry

The fashion and luxury industry is an ever-evolving landscape that sees fierce competition. Companies need to stay on top of their game and provide a consistent brand experience to their target audience to stay relevant.

Today, more than ever, employees need to have expert knowledge about their brand and the industry’s universe. Regular employee training is the need of the hour to ensure that customers receive a consistent brand experience across all your global stores. 

A learning management system can greatly help fashion brands get on top of digital transformation and give their staff the training experience needed to create a culture of learning. An LMS for the apparel industry will help you train your team on the go. 

Employees working in the fashion and luxury industry are constantly engaging with customers. They are who customers look up to for fashion advice. They need to be educated on the latest and upcoming trends to provide a satisfactory brand experience to their customers. 

An LMS for fashion & luxury companies such as Totara from Webanywhere enables you to create interactive multimedia training courses to empower your staff to perform their jobs more efficiently.

What entails high-tech training?

Tech training comprises educating employees about the new developments in the industry and how they can leverage them to perform their roles more efficiently.

These include assisting in developing new software solutions, improving daily work with better tools, research and development, marketing and sales, and customer service,

Advanced tech training ensures that employees are at their most efficient in their jobs. They use the most optimal methods to produce results and grow your company.

Why do you need an LMS for high-tech companies?

An LMS takes care of the management of your company’s learning and training comprehensively. Incorporating tech training into it is going to further boost the overall organisation of your firm to help you stay ahead of your competition. 

An LMS such as Webanywhere operates on your existing LMS, improving its performance and extending its shelf life. Add tech training to it to reduce training costs and effortlessly train your employees in one of the most important aspects of running a company.

Why choose Webanywhere?

Webanywhere is the tech training LMS you need to reach your learning and training goals with ease. Our pro-mobile user interface makes it accessible to all and our unique teaching approach educates employees on the job.

a) Different types of training programs

Webanywhere collects information about the different procedures performed to create the most suitable courses. The courses also factor in the learning skills of employees. Moreover, employees can train individually or as teams.

b) Automation

Webanywhere allows you to automate your safety training procedures while maintaining their personalization. It is a unique feature that helps reduce cost, saves you time, and integrates H&S training in day-to-day activities in a much more natural way.

c) User interface

The user interface is specifically designed to be used on all kinds of screens such as mobile, desktops, and tablets. As a result, the pages are easy to load and navigate.

d) Robust reporting

We offer a host of analyzing tools to review the learning capabilities of your staff and help them improve in a proactive way.

e) Certification

Some safety courses have a set period of time before they expire. With Skills anywhere LMS, receive customized certification that helps you establish your credibility in your industry.


Let us take a look at the features you will get with Webanywhere LMS that boost learning for high-tech solutions:

a) Create different types of courses

Create tailor-made courses that can be as specific or detailed as needed. Employees can train individually or as teams, depending on their learning behaviour.

b) Automation

We simplify complicated processes through automation. It helps reduce cost, saves you time, and integrates tech training into the day-to-day activities of your team in a much more natural way.

c) Simple UI

Webanywhere’s mobile-savvy user interface makes navigation a piece of cake. Moreover, a single-page application saves you from annoying page reloads.

d) Reports for everything

Our reporting tools will help you analyse employees’ performance, identify learning curves, and help them proactively improve on them.

e) Certification

Receive customised certification that helps you establish your credibility in the tech industry. Grow your goodwill and attract the right human resources and clients to work with.


Skills Anywhere brings learning and development for your entire organisation under one roof. It creates specific training courses and makes them available to your employees in consumable pieces. It automates the training based on your unique organisational needs. 

Send training content to all your teams effortlessly. Update systems with one click. Monitor employee performance to adjust the training accordingly. It helps you manage your team efficiently and based on their learning ability.  

Deliver high-impact training that reduces mundane tasks and allows room for innovation and creativity to fly high. Employees learning together enhance their skills and foster a positive learning environment as well.

Get your LMS for software companies today

Skills Anywhere is a training LMS for tech industries that aims to help you build a workforce of robust, well-trained employees. 

Train them in the cutting-edge technology of tomorrow to help them play their role in the growth and improvement of your company. 

You may request a demo with us to understand how we can help you achieve your training goals better. A video tour should help you understand the process in detail. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. 

Book an appointment with us today and begin your journey to improved learning and development in your organisation.


1) How to choose an LMS for High-tech Training?

To choose the best LMS for tech training, decide on the most important features and needs of yours, set a budget and compare different options before deciding on the most suitable one.

2) Can I use my existing tech content on Webanywhere as well?

Webanywhere operates on your existing LMS. Therefore, you can certainly run your existing content and certifications on Skills Anywhere. You can also modify it to suit your needs better. 

3) How do I start a tech training program on Webanywhere?

You may import files from your existing LMS if you want or begin anew with Skills Anywhere. You will have to enter details about your company, employees, and business compliance needs to help us formulate the most-suitable programs for you.

LMS for Software and High Tech Companies – Webanywhere

The technical industry is growing at a rapid pace. To stay ahead of the curve, your company needs to consistently adapt to new developments. It is essential to stay current on changes in advanced technologies, as well as compliance regulations to succeed in the industry.

Technical training requirements usually comprise educating employees about the new developments in the industry and how they can leverage them to perform their roles more efficiently. These include assisting in developing new software solutions, improving daily work with better tools, research and development, marketing and sales, and customer service. Advanced tech training ensures that employees are at their most efficient in their jobs. They use the most optimal methods to produce results and grow your company.

A well-implemented LMS for software companies helps you train your employees on the go. It helps you effectively track the progress of learners, improve the overall learning experience, and reduce costs.

With a comprehensive LMS such as Totara by Webanywhere, which comprises the Totara Learn LMS and the Engage Learning Experience Platform, you can now ensure that core knowledge is learned following a prescriptive course structure, and ad-hoc learning can take place just in time via a mobile device using the mobile-responsive site.

In today’s fast-paced work environment, it becomes difficult to assemble employees together for separate training sessions. Your LMS for tech industries helps you conduct efficient employee training even when your team is spread across the globe. 

Manage everything from software development to sales and customer support at once while adhering to regulatory compliance as well. The LMS for high tech companies effectively supports collaboration, convenience, and compliance.

Why Webanywhere?

Webanywhere’s Totara helps brands boost performance through regular eLearning.

Designed for the fast-paced fashion industry

Our LMS for fashion companies’ latest learning technology is tailor-made to keep up with the ever-evolving luxury industry. You can quickly deliver training content such as new product information and employees will learn about them in time to assist customers better.

Help establish extended enterprise

Train resellers, retailers, wholesalers, partners, and customers to foster a unified and consistent learning experience across the enterprise. It’s not just employees who are trained but everyone you interact with to maintain a standard brand experience.

Ensures a global outreach

Our LMS for luxury companies helps conquer one of the pressing challenges of the industry – having a consistent brand experience across the globe. Our digital solutions are available to multiple learning audiences across global locations. Establish a standard learning experience no matter where your learners are.

Fosters a culture of learning

 Whether it’s executives or managers, everyone is included in our learning model that helps you create training material based on job roles and learning capabilities of the learners.

Totara goes over and above and offers you a little extra at every step so you can take your learning experience to a whole new level:


a) Completely scalable

Manage the learning development of anywhere from 100 to 1 million employees with Totara’s extremely scalable and personalised solutions.

b) Train on the go

The fashion industry never stops. Neither should your team. Learn and train while you work with consumable pieces of content instead of scheduling separate training sessions.

c) Third-party integration

Integrate your Totara with the other systems in your organisation to create a seamless workflow and streamline processes.

d) Automation

Totara will take care of processes such as learner enrolments so that you can focus your energy on supporting your learners every step of the way.

What do we offer?

We understand that the learning, training, and development of employees is a continuous process and we strive to help you deliver comprehensive learning solutions to your employees.

Adaptive learning

Experience seamless integration with platforms of your choice and create personalized content for your learners. You may divide learner groups by their experience in the fashion industry or their knowledge of the latest trends to create content catering to their learning needs.

Flexible training through mobile devices

Employees are constantly engaging with customers in your stores and it can be challenging to gather them for a training session. This is why learning material can be easily accessed through mobile devices so that your team can learn anywhere, anytime.

Managed hosting

To aid the flexible training initiative, we take complete care of hosting. Enjoy 99.9% of uptime, meaning your learners have access to learning material at all times without breaks.

Reporting & performance management

Conduct performance reviews with our robust reporting tools to track the learning curve of employees across your global stores.

Consultancy and support

Our eLearning experts will assist you with training, consultancy, and sales support based on your unique needs as they change with the fashion trends of the industry.

Ongoing Customer Support

We don’t just stop at delivering the solution. If you get stuck anywhere, want to talk through issues and challenges, or have new complaince requirements, our LMS experts are there to assist you with a successful resolution.

Success Stories

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