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The Best LMS To Ensure Data Protection And GDPR Compliance

45% of Europeans still worry about their privacy even after the implementation of GDPR guidelines.

Data protection is more important than ever in today’s tech-savvy environment. Organizations need to pay special attention to training their employees to work smartly and avoid tech risks. Informing them about their rights and obligations is key in protecting them.

An LMS can play a vital role in the data protection training in your organization, allowing you to save time and reduce costs by automating the process. Teaching employees about GDPR compliance and protection makes them more aware and perform their roles efficiently.


What is data protection & GDPR compliance?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of guidelines that came into effect in 2018. It requires companies to clearly define their data privacy policies and make them accessible to the general public in easy-to-understand terms.

Data protection training in general is about educating employees on the best practices to protect their data from loss on its own, theft, or modification.

Security data can be compromised both by mistake or intentionally, that is why data protection training should focus on accidental data mishaps as well as malicious attempts.

How can an LMS boost data protection compliance?

An LMS can help boost data protection in two prominent ways. First, it can deploy protective barriers on its own to safeguard your data. Secondly, it can teach and train your employee to deal with data in a secure manner.

An LMS like Skills Anywhere already operates on your existing LMS, improving its performance and protecting it all the same. All you have to do is add GDPR compliance to the system to reduce costs and train your employees.

Why choose Webanywhere?

Webanywhere is the data protection training platform you need to ensure the safety of your databank as well as to train your employees. Our aim is to create a continuous learning model that teaches employees to identify threats and avoid them while they work.

Simple user interface

Our LMS features an intuitive interface, ensuring straightforward access on both desktop and mobile platforms. Customizable themes enable you to design a learning space that resonates with your brand identity, facilitating the delivery of engaging and relevant eLearning content on data compliance.


Our LMS utilizes the latest technological advancements to automate your GDPR and data protection training program oversight. From tracking learner progression to managing certifications, our system significantly reduces the administrative load, allowing you to focus on strategic compliance initiatives.


We’ve tailored our platform to enhance learning outcomes specifically for GDPR and data compliance training. The user-friendly admin interface supports seamless integration with CRM, HR systems, and external applications, making compliance training a more integrated part of your business operations.


Our advanced reporting capabilities provide a panoramic view of your compliance training efforts. Track learner progress, completion rates, and assessment scores with ease. This data is invaluable for refining your training programs, ensuring they effectively meet regulatory requirements, and enhancing data handling practices.


With features that simplify and personalize the management of your eLearning content, our LMS ensures that GDPR and data compliance training is both practical and manageable. Multi-tenancy support enables consistent, high-quality training experiences across your organization, aligning all employees with current data protection standards.

What our LMS for GDPR & data protection training offers?

Our GDPR and Data Protection Training LMS offers a specialized mix of design, integration, hosting, consultancy, and support tailored to your digital learning needs.

Custom development

We craft bespoke LMS platforms focused on unique GDPR and data protection learning paths, emphasizing a user-friendly experience tailored to eLearning distribution requirements.

Mobile-first design

Designed with a mobile-first mindset, our LMS ensures a seamless, engaging learning experience on all devices, enabling learners to access their training anytime, anywhere.

Content development

Our expertise lies in creating engaging, informative eLearning content for GDPR and data protection designed to meet your educational goals effectively.

Managed Hosting Options

We provide managed hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, allowing you to focus on course delivery without concerns about technical issues or downtime.

Consultancy and training

Given the dynamic eLearning landscape, we offer expert consultancy and training to keep your courses up-to-date with the latest GDPR and data protection trends and practices.

Ongoing Customer Support

Beyond just an LMS, we offer continuous support through our dedicated team of experts, ready to assist with any queries or updates needed for your courses.

Success Stories

to discover the difference our LMS solutions have made for companies selling learning courses.

LMS for GDPR & data protection training

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Webanywhere is an LMS that offers top-notch data protection and training to help you build a safe and sound organizational structure.

Safeguard your data in every way and empower your employees in data protection. It helps them perform better and play their role in the growth of your company.