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At Webanywhere, from the beginning our “secret sauce” has always been that we co-create with our customers;  we take the time to understand opportunities and requirements, and we tailor-make solutions that fit our customers’ needs. We’re always listening to our customers and we aim to not just deliver on expectations but to stretch beyond them. “Stretch Beyond” is not just our company motto, it’s a driving force for  how we work together with our customers, time and time again.

Every business is different with both common and unique requirements. Out of the box Totara has been built to cover the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes, however, for customers who have specific needs, we have the expertise and experience to build custom solutions so that we can develop learning solutions that are truly bespoke to each of our customers. 

Our consultants, solutions architects, and subject-matter experts can work closely with you to understand your learning objectives and formalize your project requirements. Following this, our project managers, sysadmins, and development team can both code and deploy these solutions to ensure your new LMS fulfills your learning goals.

From small-scale changes to how Totara looks and works, integrations to your core business solutions, through to fully bespoke developments including eCommerce and CMS solutions, our team can advise and see-through projects of all size.

Utilizing technologies such as Angular, PHP, and Symfony; as well as cloud services such as Amazon AWS and traditional on-premises or co-located hosting we can build what you need. Our solutions meet the needs of not only your L&D team, but also your wider executive team, including CIOs, CTOs, and CFOs.

Typical Custom Totara Developed Solutions

Bespoke Look and Feel
We can make your LMS mirror the style of your corporate website, or something very different, it all depends on your unique needs and corporate identity. Our UX specialists will work with you and your team to make a learning experience that is truly world-class.

For some of the world’s largest companies, including Fortune 500 companies and FTSE 100 companies, we have developed fully-bespoke CMS solutions using Totara as the engine.

Totara supports many industry-recognized identity services and protocols out of the box. It has been our pleasure to work with businesses that had very specific authentication and authorization requirements that required custom plugins and processes to address.

Integrating your CRM with Totara will allow you to assign training specific to your extended enterprise based on your existing customer relationships. Several CRM integrations are supported by Totara by default, but if you have an unsupported system, we can build a customized integration for you.

Totara’s integration with Stripe, PayPal, and other payment gateways allows you to sell training courses to your extended enterprise network. If you require something more advanced, we can work together to produce a system 

Anything and Everything Else!
We are always happy to discuss any unique requirements you may have, even if nobody has ever tried before, we would love to hear about your challenges and explore how we can help you to overcome them.