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Educate your organization’s external stakeholders

Extended enterprise learning isn’t just about training your team; it’s about bringing everyone from customers to partners into the fold. Our Learning Management Systems (LMS) are tailor-made to connect your entire business ecosystem, ensuring everyone, right down to suppliers and contractors, is on the same page.

Our LMS makes it easy to share knowledge, boost skills, and align values across your network. Dive into a learning experience that builds a more informed, engaged community around your brand, driving growth for everyone involved. Welcome to a smarter way to learn with our Extended Enterprise LMS.

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What is extended enterprise training?

Extended enterprise learning takes training beyond your team, roping in everyone from customers to suppliers. It’s about understanding that your growth isn’t just about your employees but the wider circle interacting with your brand.

Educating this community aligns everyone with your goals, improving product knowledge and strengthening relationships. Simply put, it transforms your network into informed brand advocates, driving your business success together.

Why do you need a LMS for extended enterprise training?

A LMS for extended enterprise learning offers a scalable, accessible platform that spans your entire network. It simplifies delivering consistent, up-to-date training to everyone, from partners to customers, ensuring they’re all equipped with the latest product insights and brand messages.

This not only boosts engagement and knowledge across your community but also tracks progress and impact, giving you insights into how learning drives your business forward.

Why choose Webanywhere?

Our extended enterprise LMS is the ideal solution for businesses looking to educate their external stakeholders. Our platform is developed to integrate smoothly with your workflow.

Simple user interface

Designed for simplicity, our extended enterprise LMS boasts a straightforward interface accessible from desktop and mobile. With customizable themes, you can personalize the learning space, enhancing the delivery of your eLearning materials.


Our platform leverages the latest technology to simplify the management of extended enterprise learning. It automates crucial tasks like tracking participant progress and overseeing certifications, significantly lightening the administrative load.


We’ve created our LMS to enhance the learning experience and deepen user engagement. The platform’s easy-to-navigate administrative side allows for effortless integration with CRM, HR systems, and other external applications, improving the learning experience across your extended network.


Our LMS includes robust reporting capabilities, enabling you to monitor the effectiveness of your training programs closely. You can easily track user progress, completion rates, and assessment scores, offering invaluable insights for strategic planning and content optimization.


Our platform’s advanced features guarantee a streamlined and consistent management of your extended enterprise learning content. With multi-tenancy support, it ensures a uniform, quality learning experience for all participants, reinforcing your brand’s commitment to excellence and inclusivity.

What our extended enterprise LMS offers?

Our LMS offers a bespoke blend of design, integration, hosting, consultancy, and support specifically for your online course.

Custom development

We develop bespoke LMS for extended enterprise learning, focusing on unique educational journeys. Our goal is to develop a strong, user-centric system that caters to the nuanced needs of external training programs.

Mobile-first design

Embracing a mobile-first strategy, our Extended Enterprise LMS guarantees a seamless, compelling experience across all devices, empowering learners to engage with content whenever and wherever they choose.

Content development

We’re experts at developing captivating eLearning content designed to resonate with a wide audience. Our content is crafted to inform and effectively meet your specific training goals.

Managed Hosting Options

Our managed hosting solutions come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, freeing you to focus on expanding and delivering your educational content without concerns about downtime or technical glitches.

Consultancy and training

Given the evolving nature of extended enterprise learning, we offer continuous consultancy and training to ensure your programs stay ahead of the curve, aligning with the latest trends and methodologies in eLearning.

Ongoing Customer Support

Our commitment includes ongoing support, providing you with access to a team of LMS professionals who are always ready to assist with any questions, discussions, or updates your training programs may require.

Success Stories

to explore our case studies and see how our LMS can transform your organizations training.

Extended Enterprise LMS FAQ

Get your extended enterprise LMS today

Our LMS is tailor-made for organizations aiming to extend their training reach beyond internal boundaries effectively.

We provide your business with the capabilities to promote your courses widely and build valuable relationships across your extended network confidently.