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Improve Revenue And Conquer The Market With LMS sales training

26% of sales representatives say that the sales training they receive has little to no impact on their performance. 

Sales training is an important aspect of running an organization as it directly helps to increase revenues. It empowers your team and provides better customer support to enhance your business in a comprehensive way. 

An LMS can play a critical role in the sales training in your organization, allowing you to save time and reduce costs by automating the process. Sound sales training helps employees to learn on the job and perform their roles more efficiently.

Compliance training covers several sensitive topics, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Workplace safety
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Information security
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Workforce harassment and factors that cause it
  • Managing relationships with customers and vendors
  • Export and trade compliance
  • HR Compliance
  • Environmental compliance

What entails eLearning sales training?

Sales training refers to the process of improving the skills and techniques used by an employee in creating or exploring new sales opportunities. The aim of the sales training is to improve revenue by maximizing sales success. 

There are many ways to impart sales training such as reading material, videos, demonstrations, seminars, and shadowing a skilled salesperson. Sales training help employees to identify their errors and make amends to increase their productivity.

How can an LMS boost sales training?

An LMS can help boost your sales training structure to make it more accessible and impactful. Introduce learners to a training process that is continuous, engaging, and prepared with their skill set in consideration. 

An LMS like Skills Anywhere already operates on your existing LMS, improving its performance and extending its shelf life. All you have to do is add sales training to the system to reduce costs and effortlessly train your employees.

Why choose Webanywhere?

Webanywhere is the sales training platform you need to reach your sales training goals and bolster revenue easily. Our aim is to create a continuous training model that seamlessly integrates into the workflow of employees and trains them on the go.

a) Different types of training programs

Webanywhere collects information about the different procedures performed to create the most suitable courses. The courses also factor in the learning skills of employees. Moreover, employees can train individually or as teams.

b) Automation

Webanywhere allows you to automate your safety training procedures while maintaining their personalization. It is a unique feature that helps reduce cost, saves you time, and integrates H&S training in day-to-day activities in a much more natural way.

c) User interface

The user interface is specifically designed to be used on all kinds of screens such as mobile, desktops, and tablets. As a result, the pages are easy to load and navigate.

d) Robust reporting

We offer a host of analyzing tools to review the learning capabilities of your staff and help them improve in a proactive way.

e) Certification

Some safety courses have a set period of time before they expire. With Skills anywhere LMS, receive customized certification that helps you establish your credibility in your industry.


Let us take a look at some of the features of Webanywhere LMS that takes your sales training to the next level:

a) Sales enablement training

Webanywhere provides various programs that arm a salesperson with strategic tools, content, and knowledge to drive sales. It allows employees to take control of the process.

b) Automation

Tasks that are often repeated can be automated to save cost and time. Give your employees more room to work on creative aspects of the process instead.

c) User interface

An easy-to-use interface contributes to uninterrupted training and learning. Training material can be accessed on mobiles, tablets, and desktops. It is both easy to load and navigate.

d) Analytics

Reviewing and correcting the practical use by self professionals is key in sales training. Our advanced analytic tools help you improve employee skills and techniques in a proactive way.

e) Salesforce integration

Take your sales training to the next level with a special Salesforce integration feature. It merges the data and functionality of Salesforce with your LMS to provide a unified experience.


Our sales training is built on two pillars: sales enablement and Salesforce integration. Both approaches combine to form a comprehensive learning and development structure that drives revenue in a productive way. 

One of the most prominent positive changes will be the increase in deals and transactions. Increased deals, transactions and business means increased revenue. You also stand to identify the best practices that drive results. 

Using the best, most-efficient practices also leads to developing meaningful relationships with your clients. You have to jump to upsell as well as create brand loyalty with customers with strong sales training techniques.

What do we offer?

Our comprehensive LMS solution includes bespoke design, development and configuration, integration, hosting, consultancy, training, and best-in-class after-sales support.

Custom development

We offer custom LMS development that enables you to develop learning paths within your personalized, reliable, and user-friendly LMS platform.

Mobile-first design

We provide a responsive user experience (UX) that helps in increasing learner retention and also enables learners to log in to the platform with ease, complete the assigned modules, and also earn their certifications from the comfort of their home, office, or on their mobile devices.

Content development

We offer world-class content creation and development services to maximize the delivery and effectiveness of your corporate learning initiatives.

Managed Hosting Options

We provide managed hosting solutions that offer 99.9% uptime so that you can focus on the supporting your learners more efficiently.

Consultancy and training

We understand business requirements change very often and you need expert help to navigate through the changes. We offer ongoing Consultancy, training and after sales support to help you meet your ongoing needs.

Ongoing Customer Support

We don’t just stop at delivering the solution. If you get stuck anywhere, want to talk through issues and challenges, or have new complaince requirements, our LMS experts are there to assist you with a successful resolution.

Get your sales training software today and conquer the market

Webanywhere is a sales training platform that offers comprehensive sales training to help you build a robust and unstoppable sales team. 

Help them gain confidence in their selling skills and truly make connections with their clients. It will help them grow in an organic way and play their role in the development of your company. You may request a demo with us to better understand how we can help you achieve your training goals. A video tour should help you understand the procedure in detail. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. 

Book an appointment with us and begin your journey toward conquering the market today.


1) Why do I need a sales training software?

A sales training software helps you curate, manage, and deliver study material that boosts sales training with the help of automation.

2) Does theWebanywhere LMS work on my smartphone and tablet?

Yes, the Webanywhere LMS is available on all devices, be it mobile phones, tablets, or desktops. The user interface adapts easily to the device to allow a seamless experience.

3) Does the Webanywhere LMS provide any Sales enablement solutions?

Webanywhere LMS provides a variety of sales enablement solutions. These solutions arm salespeople with the skill, strategies, and tools to drive sales and revenue.