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Over the last few years, much emphasis has been placed on knowledge sharing within an organization’s own elearning program. Easily accessible, bite size knowledge has applications for:

  • Sales / marketing - get up to speed on new products and services

  • Customer service - refresh correct responses to different scenarios

  • Compliance - find the protocol for handling a hazardous substance

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Online Learning key on laptop

If you thought that gaining the necessary qualifications to enter your chosen career was the end of your education - think again! According to an article on, AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson said that if his employees don’t spend five to ten hours a week learning online, they will make themselves obsolete. And he’s expecting at least some of that training to happen outside of work. Sound harsh? Maybe. Read More

Hiring and keeping the right employee

Let’s say a vacancy arises for someone in your organization. Someone whom you consider a linchpin, whether it’s in sales, HR or finance. The strategy for hiring is important but implementing an effective strategy for retaining employees is absolutely crucial.

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Christmas ornaments Webanywhere

It’s that time of year when people write lists of gifts they hope to receive. The reality is that so often we end up with items that don’t suit us or are totally inappropriate. The same can be said for Learning & Development managers who get saddled with outmoded LMS platforms and boring elearning modules, when what they need is edtech that’s current and fit-for-purpose. So what should your organization be buying to future-proof your L&D?


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gamification in elearning

If you’re involved in any capacity with your organization’s learning and development, you should be familiar with the terms ‘game-based’ and ‘gamification’. They are both relatively recent trends for making elearning more effective. The terms aren’t interchangeable.

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