Hiring and keeping the right employee

Let’s say a vacancy arises for someone in your organization. Someone whom you consider a linchpin, whether it’s in sales, HR or finance. The strategy for hiring is important but implementing an effective strategy for retaining employees is absolutely crucial.

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Christmas ornaments Webanywhere

It’s that time of year when people write lists of gifts they hope to receive. The reality is that so often we end up with items that don’t suit us or are totally inappropriate. The same can be said for Learning & Development managers who get saddled with outmoded LMS platforms and boring elearning modules, when what they need is edtech that’s current and fit-for-purpose. So what should your organization be buying to future-proof your L&D?


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gamification in elearning

If you’re involved in any capacity with your organization’s learning and development, you should be familiar with the terms ‘game-based’ and ‘gamification’. They are both relatively recent trends for making elearning more effective. The terms aren’t interchangeable.

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insurance premiums can be cut through elearning

It’s an unfortunate truth that insurance premiums go up, not down - even when you’ve never made a claim. This is whether the cover is for health, motor, public liability or household insurance. Recently, there has been a campaign for educating policy holders in order to stop costs skyrocketing.

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Webanywhere are Totara Platinum Partners

Totara LMS, the global provider of learning management systems with over 1,000 corporate clients, has recently announced their latest release - and it was worth the wait.

Totara 9 will give training teams greater flexibility when managing blended learning programs.

So why is this important?

Blended learning is the key to successful training programs.

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