strong company culture

By: Jessica Arenz

You’ve probably heard the term “company culture” before. Today, it’s become a “must-have” rather than a “nice-to-have,” as companies are recognizing that a strong company culture is directly correlated with profitability, productivity and employee retention.

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Shoppers are savvier than ever, coming into your stores knowing more about your products than your associates do. According to a report by AdWeek81% of shoppers conduct online research on a product before a purchase. It is essential that you support your associates with training and digital tools to become product gurus so that they can drive more in-store sales.

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It's never easy trying to generate new sales leads. Your product can be the best thing since smartphones, but if no one knows your company, how can you convince them to buy? These ten tips should help you secure viable leads. The rest is up to you. Read More