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31 Aug
AI in Corporate Training
AI Transforms Education Landscape
Category: eLearning, Industry insights
Exploring the Transformative Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education The realm of education is experiencing a profound transformation through the rapid integration of artif...
23 Aug
Corporate Training Job Roles
Corporate Learning Job Roles Landscape
Category: eLearning
In the world of Learning and Development (L&D), a diverse range of roles plays a pivotal role in shaping the growth and transformation of organizations. As companies recogni...
22 Aug
Changing LMS Provider
Changing LMS Provider
Category: LMS Solutions
Switching to a new Learning Management System (LMS) provider is a decision that holds the potential to significantly transform your organization’s training and development...
14 Aug
Learning Evolution: LMS vs LXP
Category: LMS Solutions, LXP
In the realm of corporate learning, the battle for effective training strategies rages on. As organizations strive to elevate their workforce’s skills and maintain regulat...
17 Jul
Radical Collaboration
What is Radical Collaboration?
Category: Industry insights
We are facing more complex challenges than ever before. These challenges require new ways of thinking and working together. Radical collaboration is one such approach. Radical c...
14 Jul
Calculating the Cost of Meetings
Cost Calculator to Tackle Inefficient Meetings
Category: Industry insights
Meetings have long been a bane in the corporate world, often criticized for wasting valuable time and resources. To combat this issue, Shopify, a leading Canadian e-commerce com...
14 Jul
Remote Work Trends and Reports
Remote Work: Navigating the Latest Reports
Category: Industry insights
As remote work continues to shape the modern work landscape, new studies and reports shed light on its impact and effectiveness. Recently, Stanford University conducted a study ...
12 Jul
Online Learning Summit, The University of Leeds
Online Learning Summit, The University of Leeds
Category: eLearning, Online Learning
The Online Learning Summit held at the University of Leeds in July, 2023, brought together educators, researchers, and experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities in onl...
19 Jun
LMS Custom Development
Custom Development on Totara LMS
Category: LMS Solutions, Totara
Learning management systems (LMS) have emerged as vital tools for delivering effective training and education. However, off-the-shelf LMS solutions, while partially configurable...
16 Jun
Sales Enablement Tools
What are Sales Enablement tools?
Category: Sales Enablement
The focus on innovation has shifted towards creating enriched buyer and seller experiences. These experiences are intricately connected to sales competencies, workflows, and rev...