Old Sarum Primary School

Old Sarum Primary School Bespoke Website and Mobile app

As schools get busier, so do parents and guardians, which can make keeping in touch that little bit more difficult. Newsletters are often left crumpled and unread at the bottom of school bags, but thanks to our mobile app, Old Sarum School no longer have that problem. We ‘stretch beyond’ so you don’t have to.


The School

Old Sarum Primary School is a mixed community school of 210 students based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. They have been happy customers of Webanywhere since May 2016.


The Problem

In an increasingly digital world, a strong online presence is now essential for both schools and businesses alike. Not only does it convey the aims and message of your establishment, it is also a vital communication tool, meaning it has to both look good and be simple to use. Aware of this, Old Sarum Primary School contacted us looking for a more sophisticated website. They were worried that their current website was ‘nursery’ looking and wasn’t conveying a message that matched their school. They also wanted a way to keep parents informed about school events, as their current diary was cumbersome and difficult to update.


The Solution

After meeting with us, Old Sarum were able to quickly design and launch a bespoke website integrated with a custom Jotter Mobile app. The website was simple and easy to use for both staff and parents, and thanks to its contemporary design and use of images, was a lot more sophisticated. The Jotter Mobile app was also integrated with the website, which meant that any updates made were applied to all modules, saving time and creating consistency across the school’s digital platform. Webanywhere staff remain in communication with the school, offering continuous support and catering to any needs or questions Old Sarum may have.


What Old Sarum had to say

“We came to Webanywhere looking for a more professional website because our old one was quite nursery looking. We are very happy with the new site and the mobile app, because they look great and are easy to use and manage. The staff at Webanywhere are fantastic, and help us whenever we have any questions.”


Why Webanywhere?

“We chose Webanywhere because, for a similar price to other providers, they were able to offer us a new website as well as several added extras, such as the Jotter Mobile app, which we also signed up for. Over a third of our parents use the app, and it is perfect for us because it’s so easy to use and manage. The website can be maintained remotely, meaning I can do it from home, and because all of the modules are integrated any updates that are made are done instantly across all modules. The staff at Webanywhere are also very helpful and friendly, offering us ongoing support whenever we have any questions.”


Success Story

Three pupils of Old Sarum achieved literary success recently when they entered a Young Writers’ Competition entitled ‘Poetry Adventures - Southern Poets’ - and had the opportunity to be published within an anthology. Thanks to the bespoke website provided by Webanywhere, Old Sarum were able to showcase the work of these talented students and demonstrate some of the great achievements coming out of the school - helping them to achieve the recognition they wanted from a new website.