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    Extended Enterprise Services

    Whether through our Promatum platform or a more tailored system, we can help take elearning outside of your office and into your wider network.

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    Sales Training

    E-learning tools can provide training at anytime, from anywhere for your sales force through cost-effective, open-source e-learning platforms.

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    Corporate MOOCs

    Webanywhere have worked with some of the worlds largest organisations, providing MOOC platforms allowing them to train staff & partners, turning their training into a revenue stream.

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    Selling E-learning

    We create and develop web-based solutions that allow for the selling and managing of online learning for your clients.

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    Compliance Training

    We help you set up an LMS to manage compliance in your organisation, allowing you to save time and reduce costs by automating the process.

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    Data Protection

    Ensure your staff are up to date on the latest regulations, with e-learning platforms to deliver training on data protection.

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    Health and Safety

    With clients including major hospitals, medical device companies and the British Safety Council, we rightly consider ourselves experts in the rapidly changing healthcare market.

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    Systems Training

    Implement an efficient training process, reducing the time-to-competence of your new hires through e-learning platforms.

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    We can help you to use an LMS to help your organization implement an efficient onboarding process for new hires, reducing time-to-competence and saving money.

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    Customer Service

    Transform customer service training by allowing your staff rapid access to learning materials through an LMS.

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    Management and Leadership

    Train both leaders and managers within your organisation in a flexible and user-centred way, using e-learning.

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