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Why L&D Must Embrace Agile & Beyond 2022

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Agile & Beyond is a 2-day conference held every year in the USA that brings together developers and designers from around the world. The conference’s focus is on Agile software development along with Scrum project management. 

Though the popular conference has seen workshops and presentations mostly focused on technology and software development, it serves as an excellent opportunity for L&D as well as HR executives to learn and help their companies grow.

Let us take a look at how L&D and HR can gain from the Agile & Beyond conference in 2022.


Top 5 reasons why L&D and HR must embrace Agile & Beyond 2022

Learning and development are crucial elements of HR management of any company. If you are attending Agile & Beyond 2022 thinking it is a purely technological event, you may be in for a surprise. 

This year’s Agile & Beyond will be hosting topics such as these among the ones about software and technology:

  • Dynamic Reteaming at Fast-Growing Companies
  • Brainwriting: The Team Hack To Generating Better Ideas
  • Explaining Continuous Delivery
  • Lead Yourself First
  • Agile Human Resources Management for Business and Digital Transformation
  • First You Build the Team, Then They Build Awesome Things
  • Under Pressure
  • The Business Analyst: How To Be More Than a Proxy

As you see, the conference has plenty of topics centred on growth, development, and learning of the workforce of a company.

While the technological aspect remains the major draw for it, it also has gems that can help boost Learning & Development as well as Human Resources practices in your workplace.

Here are the top 5 reasons to embrace Agile & Beyond for L&D and HR gains as well:


  • Ensures that employees can better adapt to change 

With its focus being on technological advancement, the conference does an admirable job of helping companies prepare for the new age of technology.

It gives clear instructions through workshops and proper guidance through lectures and presentations to help you prepare the best. 


  • Facilitates collaborative learning

Agile & Beyond hosts some of the most prominent names in the tech industry that speak about their experiences and help you improve your practices. 

You have the opportunity to learn from their experiences as well as collaborate with other participants for shared learning experiences in the workshops. 


  • Enhances overall efficiency

You get the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies firsthand and use them to improve the efficiency of your company. 

You can talk to the developers of software and technologies to get a better understanding of them to use them to their optimum potential. 


  • Makes learning available and accessible anytime

You can also learn how to make training and development available for all your employees at all times. The theme for this year’s Agile & Beyond is also Agile in the Era of Hybrid Work. 

The focus is on blending the physical and online work environments to make learning easy for your team. You may learn about providing tools to your employees that facilitate their learning process and empower them.


  • Makes learning a non-linear process

Going by the theme of the conference, the workshops and presentations will cater to the topics of making learning a non-linear process. 

Adaptive learning is fast gaining popularity as a method of nonlinear learning that uses technology to map out the most optimal path of learning for a learner.

As time is often quoted as the biggest constraint in learning in companies, you can use adaptative, customised, and personalised learning techniques to make learning an easier process for them. 


Agile & Beyond remains one of the top conferences about technological advancement and software development. While its focus is on the technological aspects of a company’s growth, it has a lot to offer for L&D and HR as well. 

You can learn a lot about learning and development for your company. You may learn about using the latest software and technologies to your advantage by attending workshops and presentations.