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How to Better Engage Remote Workers [Infographic]

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Check out our latest infographic on engaging and managing remote employees:

How to Better Engage Remote Workers, Infographic

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How to Better Engage Remote Workers

1. Always over-communicate

Let people know about what you’re doing as often and as efficiently as possible. This way, they feel informed and satisfied about your current status.

Over-communication also helps you manage your time better and set expectations.

2. Communicate in a Watch and Learn or Sound Branch channel

Using a platform such as Watch and Learn or Sound Branch allows all employees to communicate in real-time throughout the day.

Use private groups to share what’s happening in the business.

3. Define common metrics for success

You should have SMART goals to help you better organise and prioritise your work individually and collectively.

Make sure that your team’s goals and metrics are clearly defined and understood by everyone.

4. Cultivate social interaction

You can encourage your team members to get out of the house by sending them a gift card to a local coffee shop.

5. Let fun and thoughtfulness overcome distance

Use communication and shipping services to make your team members feel valued. Ship gifts on birthdays and flowers on sick days.

6. Remember to reward and recognize

Highlight your employees’ accomplishments, ideas and milestones. It takes almost no time!