Why Did It Have to be Snakes? Why Indiana Jones Needed Edtech!

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Why Did It Have to be Snakes? Why Indiana Jones Needed Edtech!

With countless adventures under his belt, Indiana Jones is a legend. He fought to keep everything from the Ark of the Covenant to the Holy Grail out of evil hands. So with such an impressive CV without using modern technology, how could access to the internet and e-learning have made his life better?

Virtual Classroom

Dr Henry Jones was constantly having to juggle an illustrious academic career with being an adventure-loving archaeologist. How the university managed with his regular ‘sabbaticals’ is anyone’s guess. Think how much easier it would have been for his students if he could have lectured from Mayan ruins via YouTube or Skype. Facetime or Hangouts would have been ideal for tutorials, and for times when he was up to his eyes in baddies, studying could have continued via an e-learning program on an LMS such as Totara.


As Indy’s passion was seeking famous relics, he’d have to do painstaking research at the library about  the artifact’s properties and where to start digging. He’d then write up his notes in a diary that could be easily lost or stolen. Imagine how quickly he would have found the information he seeked if Google had been around! And he wouldn’t have needed a diary if he’d had a tablet or smartphone. When an evil villain stole his handheld device – no problem – all his notes would be stored in the Cloud.

Escape Plans

It seems like the majority of antiquities that Indiana went after had mystical qualities. These attributes got him into hot water more than once. He managed to survive the supernatural or extraterrestrial powers – but only just. He might have avoided more tricky situations if he’d had access to in-depth knowledge about the various relics and how to handle them. Of course if you’re trapped in an Indian mine or stuck in the South American jungle, you won’t have access to the internet, so that would’ve been that. Or would it? If Indy had had the Totara phone app synced to the university’s LMS, he could have accessed all his files and website pages – even when offline. A few clicks and he’d have the incantation he needed to counteract an evil spell or the meditation to relieve a panic attack brought on by ophidiophobia.

Femme Fatales and Social Learning

Although Indy ultimately ended up with Marion, it took him long enough! He left a string of shady ladies and whining women in his wake before finally saying, “I do.” He might have wondered over the years why he couldn’t settle down. If he’d been able to share his thoughts on social media or seek love advice on forums, he might have realized Marion was his gal much earlier. Of course while she was waiting for Indy to come to his senses, Marion would’ve probably ended up on Tinder.