LMS for Telecommunications

The Perfect All-in-one LMS For The Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications industry generated over 31 billion British pounds in the year 2020

The telecommunications industry has high demands for onboarding of staff and a rapid need to upskill staff to competency, with a plethora of technical jargon and regulatory compliance processes to understand and adhere to. From technical domain specialists through to front of house staff there are many different roles who must share knowledge in order to ensure that telecommunications companies can operate efficiently and effectively.

By using an LMS you can ensure that staff have the appropriate amount of knowledge for their role, from wide-range generalists who may deal with clients across numerous products, through to narrow-field specialists who need a deep understanding of a particular technology. Using compliance training courses you can ensure that all staff have the knowledge to deal with regulatory compliance matters and to understand their work in the wider context of the field.

Compliance training covers several sensitive topics, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Workplace safety
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Information security
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Workforce harassment and factors that cause it
  • Managing relationships with customers and vendors
  • Export and trade compliance
  • HR Compliance
  • Environmental compliance

For field agents, on-the-go learning using both Totara Learn LMS and Totara Engage LXP can blend formal and informal learning so that core knowledge is learnt following a prescriptive course structure, and ad-hoc learning can take place just-in-time via a mobile device using the mobile-responsive site.

What entails manufacturing training?

Manufacturing training entails learning programs that provide employees with the technology, skills, and knowledge needed to operate heavy machinery and complete complex processes. Additional training includes compliance training and customer handling. 

The goal of manufacturing training is to ensure that employees gain the necessary knowledge needed to carry out complex processes. More importantly, they can perform their roles without ever endangering themselves or their coworkers.

How can an LMS help the manufacturing industry?

An LMS can play a critical role in streamlining a company’s manufacturing training. It can take care of everything from creating training courses to automating them and integrating them into the workflow of an employee’s day-to-day job. 

An LMS like Webanywhere already operates on your existing LMS, improving its performance and extending its shelf life. Add manufacturing to it to reduce costs and effortlessly train your employees in every necessary aspect of their job role.

Staff Onboarding

Rapidly upskill your workforce so they are able to deal with a wide variety of products and technical terms, improving the customer experience and leading to faster closure of sales and faster resolution of support tickets by front of house staff.

Compliance Training

Ensure that you operate in a way that meets regulatory requirements. By building courses that cover regulations in the domestic and international markets that you operate in you can ensure compliance, avoiding expensive fines for breach of regulations.

Promote Staff Retention

Telecommunications has historically had issues with staff churn due to the ever-changing and fast-paced nature of the technology and opportunities it presents. By training staff to develop and grow in their roles they will be more productive and happier to grow alongside your business rather than elsewhere.

Reseller & Partner Training

Opening up training to resellers, partners and end-users can ensure that your ecosystem has access to the knowledge it needs to allow your products, solutions and APIs to be used to their fullest potential, in turn speeding up client adoption of your technology.

Why choose Webanywhere?

Webanywhere is the LMS for the manufacturing industry you need in your company setup. We aim to simplify manufacturing training with dynamic courses. Our pro-mobile user interface makes it accessible to all and our unique teaching approach educates employees on the go.

a) Different types of training programs

Webanywhere collects information about the different procedures performed to create the most suitable courses. The courses also factor in the learning skills of employees. Moreover, employees can train individually or as teams.

b) Automation

Webanywhere allows you to automate your safety training procedures while maintaining their personalization. It is a unique feature that helps reduce cost, saves you time, and integrates H&S training in day-to-day activities in a much more natural way.

c) User interface

The user interface is specifically designed to be used on all kinds of screens such as mobile, desktops, and tablets. As a result, the pages are easy to load and navigate.

d) Robust reporting

We offer a host of analyzing tools to review the learning capabilities of your staff and help them improve in a proactive way.

e) Certification

Some safety courses have a set period of time before they expire. With Skills anywhere LMS, receive customized certification that helps you establish your credibility in your industry.


Let us take a look at the salient features of Webanywhere LMS that take your manufacturing training to the next level:

a) Diverse training programs

Webanywhere crafts diverse training programs that cover all your manufacturing processes. The courses also factor in the learning skills of employees. Moreover, employees can train individually or as teams.

b) Safety training

Webanywhere places special focus on safety training of the employees. They are provided on-the-job training in handling tools and processes the right way. It helps create a safe work environment.

c) Compliance training

Compliance training is important to match the industry standards. Our LMS will help you minimise the non-compliance risk by educating employees about their obligations.

d) Robust reporting

We offer a host of analysing tools to review the learning capabilities of your staff and help them improve in a proactive way. Make changes on the go to help employees adapt better and learn more efficiently.

e) User interface

The user interface is specifically designed to be used on all kinds of screens such as mobile, desktops, and tablets. As a result, the pages are easy to load and navigate. It also contributes to creating a continuous learning environment.


Manufacturing training is the backbone of your company’s development. Training your employees about the procedures they perform increases their knowledge and awareness about their job roles. 

Continuous training helps them perform their jobs more efficiently. They don’t have to step away from their job to learn. They learn as they perform in a real-time setting. They are also going to be more mindful of the safety precautions while on the premises. 

An LMS also simplifies the complexities of compliance obligations. Employees can be made aware of their obligations and responsibilities. Your company will be able to eliminate non-compliance risks and earn the necessary certifications.

What do we offer?

Our comprehensive LMS solution includes bespoke design, development and configuration, integration, hosting, consultancy, training, and best-in-class after-sales support.

Custom development

We offer custom LMS development that enables you to develop learning paths within your personalized, reliable, and user-friendly LMS platform.

Mobile-first design

We provide a responsive user experience (UX) that helps in increasing learner retention and also enables learners to log in to the platform with ease, complete the assigned modules, and also earn their certifications from the comfort of their home, office, or on their mobile devices.

Content development

We offer world-class content creation and development services to maximize the delivery and effectiveness of your corporate learning initiatives.

Managed Hosting Options

We provide managed hosting solutions that offer 99.9% uptime so that you can focus on the supporting your learners more efficiently.

Consultancy and training

We understand business requirements change very often and you need expert help to navigate through the changes. We offer ongoing Consultancy, training and after sales support to help you meet your ongoing needs.

Ongoing Customer Support

We don’t just stop at delivering the solution. If you get stuck anywhere, want to talk through issues and challenges, or have new complaince requirements, our LMS experts are there to assist you with a successful resolution.

Get your LMS for the manufacturing industry today

Skills Anywhere is an LMS that offers comprehensive manufacturing training to help you build a workforce of robust, well-trained employees. 

Train them in industry-related safety practices and help them play their role in the growth and improvement of your company. 

You may request a demo with us to understand how we can help you achieve your goals better. A video tour should help you understand the procedure in detail. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. 

Book an appointment with us today and begin your journey to creating a robust workspace for your manufacturing company today.


1) How can LMS be used in the manufacturing industry?

An LMS can be used to orchestrate manufacturing training by creating and executing tailor-made programs that teach employees to operate various procedures efficiently.

2) How do I choose an LMS for my manufacturing company?

To choose an appropriate LMS, assess your organisational needs at first and then compare different available options. Choose the software that fits your budget.

3) Can an LMS be personalised to fit the needs of employees?

Your manufacturing LMS can certainly be personalised to fit the learning needs of your employees. They can access training material at their convenience. They can learn in teams or individually.