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Top 10 benefits of using elearning tools for corporate workforce training

Posted by: Arun
Category: Future learning, Learning technology integration, LMS Solutions, Totara

Here are a few advantages that elearning tools can bring to corporate training. I believe these benefits should be considered by learning professionals aiming to implement successful learning strategies in the business.


Scalable, efficient and fast

Elearning is flexible enough to quickly create and communicate new training materials to all employees throughout the company. Most Learning Management Systems are scalable in terms of the ability to handle a growing amount of work in an efficient manner as well as in terms of meeting the different needs of employees working in different countries.

Higher engagement

The variety of elearning techniques can make learning more engaging. For example, social learning can improve collaboration. Another great ways to use elearning for employee engagement are through gamification or personalised learning.

Higher learning retention

All different elearning tools used for employee engagement are expected to increase the knowledge retention.

Saves time and money

Elearning helps to reduce the time away from workplace as well as to save the money spent on trainer and employee commutation, trainer costs and infrastructure rentals.

Capacity and consistency

It is very important to make sure that all employees throughout the company get the same quality training. Elearning offers the opportunity to engage all employees in consistent training and it can help to achieve high levels of coverage amongst your target audience.

Lower environmental impacts

By delivering training online and testing your employees using online quizzes and tests, you are significantly reducing the paper consumption as well as reducing other waste caused by travelling for training.

Easier to measure learning activities and impact

Using a Learning Management System (LMS) makes it very easy to track the activity and progress of learners as well as to build reports.


Elearning is very flexible in terms of providing learners with the freedom to learn at their own pace, when they want and where they want.


Elearning materials can be made accessible on any device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone) and at any time. This can be very useful for providing same learning materials to learners throughout the business in different locations, this is great for international companies. The accessibility factor is very important in terms of learning provided to remote workers.

Appealing to millennials

As the number of technology savvy millennials rises in the workforce, it is clear that any modern organisation should provide some elements of elearning to the employees. It is beneficial for the learners in terms of meeting their needs, increasing engagement and ensuring their knowledge retention.

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