Custom E-learning Content


After consultations with you to understand your organization's training needs, our team of experts will work with you to create engaging, online materials.


The courses are designed to engage learners and help their knowledge retention by using multimedia resources and interactive elements.

We can convert traditional training materials to a digital format or develop new e-learning content from scratch.

Fast, effective and available from personal devices such as cellphones, tablet or laptops means your custom online courses are easily accessible for learning on the go.


How it works
How it works
How it works


We Can Develop Courses For All Your Company Training Needs


Develop the confidence and productivity of employees with an inspiring, engaging induction that effectively communicates your company culture.

Sales and Product Knowledge

Deliver on-demand training and product information that can be accessed by your sales team from anywhere and using any device.


It can be difficult to engage learners with compliance training, which is why we design your online courses to be genuine scenarios that are interesting and provide clear learning benefits to employees.


Continuous Professional Development takes many forms; whether it’s to build on the skills and customer service of employees or to keep them up-to-date with new campaigns, you can enhance their learning experience with interactive content.


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Unsure how to make your training content
effective and engaging? Our free ebook -
Workplace Training: Content That Connects -
shows you how through adding gamification,
interactive video, social elements, and more.



Webanywhere Bespoke Content for corporate training

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Since 2013, we have been creating custom e-learning content for international companies with diverse specifications


Danone Medtronic Breast Cancer Care


"We are really excited to have developed such an innovative e-learning project with Webanywhere and have had a really positive response since it launched. The B-aware online course will help us train even more healthcare professionals to work with local communities where early detection of breast cancer is low."

Davinia Green, Head of Breast Awareness and Early Detection at Breast Cancer Care


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