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Soft skills for leadership development in 18 languages

According to Harvard Business School, companies that invest in leadership development programs have reported 94% impact on financial results and 70% on competitive performance.

With a growing demand for results and a busy digital economy, businesses are increasingly adopting off-the-shelf eLearning to cater to immediate learning needs for their front line leaders on the job.

Webanywhere has launched over 3,000 ready-made video eLearning modules that cover:

elearning modules - soft skills

  • Creative thinking
  • Dealing with emotion and conflict
  • Managing change
  • Advanced management skills
  • Cross-functional management
  • Commercial negotiation
  • Project management

…and many other subjects!

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Our e-Learning modules include Classic, Focus, and Intensive formats. Each course includes core instruction to build skills and provide practice in a key soft skills subject area: Management & Leadership, Personal Development, Project Management, and Sales. Modules are developed in HTML5 to ensure mobile compatibility with tablets and smartphones. All modules feature a modern design and interactive elements to ensure that the learner is engaged with the learning experience, learns the new skill, and can practice the skill in real-life situations.