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Clas Ohlson

205 stores in 5 countries | 4,700 employees | 7.5 Billion SEK (£610 million) annual turnover | 76 million visitors | 38 million customers | High focus on sustainability agenda | One of the strongest retail brands in the Nordics


To deliver high-quality, scalable learning platform that would ensure high-performance and a long-term sustainability through continuous education across the company.

Clas Ohlson places great importance on how it trains and develops its employees and it is one of the six long-term strategic aims of Clas Ohlson. However, the company has been using a proprietary LMS that was not fit for purpose and it was not scalable which limited the training provided to the workforce. Therefore, they needed a solution that would meet the needs of the business.

Here are the key problem areas that were considered when choosing the best LMS for Clas Ohlson:

  • Clas Ohlson needed a flexible learning platform that would meet different needs of employees across the stores in different countries.
  • The company required LMS with different language options that would allow Clas Ohlson to be more flexible in terms of entering new countries and being more efficient at training its employees in new countries.
  • The company is focused on constantly developing the product range based on the needs of customers and the trends in the different markets they operate in. It needed a training solution with integrated byte-sized resources that would help to develop the knowledge of employees as the new products and promotions are being created.
  • Clas Ohlson wanted their LMS to have new features such as performance and appraisal management.
  • The new LMS was expected to support continuous education across the business in terms of developing the competencies of employees and preparing leaders of the future.

Totara Learn LMS has been selected as the best platform to meet the learning needs of Clas Ohlson. As Totara Platinum Partner, Webanywhere offered Clas Ohlson the full range of Totara services to help the company meet its objectives.

After considering a set of requirements provided by Clas Ohlson, Webanywhere developed a Totara LMS that helped to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Delivered a Totara LMS in UK and Finland.
  • The platform is now scalable which means that it has the ability to handle a growing amount of work in an efficient manner and it can be enlarged to accommodate that growth.
  • LMS is accessible in different languages and with localised course content.
  • The learning platform is now expanding to further countries, including Norway, Sweden, China and Germany.
  • The LMS is hosted in the cloud which gives a lot of freedom and flexibility in terms of the learning content and accessibility.
  • Using Totara LMS, Clas Ohlson are now benefiting from new features which have been developed in the community. For instance, reporting and quick access dashboards for team leaders, regional managers and executives are in place.
  • Custom time reporting plugin has been implemented to meet requirements in Finland for training and development of tax credits.

Developing and Implementing the Totara LMS solution to our specific needs went fluently and the project was a great success.

Peter Sinko,
Head of Talent Management at Clas Ohlson