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Selling eLearning

As a Totara partner, we can assist you in setting up an open source Totara Learn LMS platform to host and resell e-learning courses to businesses or individuals.

Selling eLearning

We can integrate the underlying platform with an e-store and payment system so your customers can select and buy course access online, making subscription management easy.

The benefits:

  • Compatible with payment systems such as WorldPay and SagePay
  • Online certification of assessed courses
  • Seamless integration between the LMS and e-store

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If you are interested in making more money, consider everything that eLearning has to offer. If you have existing clients, but would love to gather more, eLearning could be easier than you thought!  But at the same time, many companies struggle to find a successful transition.

When you consider that 90% of all companies are now using eLearning, it is not hard to see why there are so many benefits to using it.  Moreover, just by looking at an increase in the use of eLearning by 900% in the past decade and a half, it is easy to see why so many companies are switching gears to incorporating this into their company.

eLearning is quickly making its way into more companies than ever and for good reason.

Did you know that when eLearning is used, generally it costs 40 to 60% less time than what it would take in a classroom setting? It is projected that it will grow 5% yearly until it takes over offline training. In a busy world, where company life is often even more hectic, it makes sense to use eLearning now more than ever.

Outdated learning

Many individuals are used to the old school way of learning- in a classroom.  While there may not be anything wrong with this, it is extremely outdated.  People are looking for better ways to learn on the job. And with eLearning, that is exactly what you can do!

Think back to your high school or college days.  When a teacher lectured your class, it usually became a drag rather fast.  It is often boring, and many times the teacher or professor will just say the same thing to fill the time slot.

Not to mention that when you are being lectured, you are not engaged in what is going on.  And when this occurs, you are not learning anything anyway.  Or if you had a teacher that just read from a book or a projector, that was even worse.  Why waste your time when you could be doing the same thing without their assistance?

That is why eLearning is very successful!  Most employees would rather have a learning session that is modern and includes a variety of learning tools.  These tools may be videos, podcasts, articles, blogs, and other forms of digital content.

Another reason as to why classroom training is outdated is because there is a set time frame for lectures and learning when a classroom setting is provided.  But with eLearning, an individual can view the course at their leisure.  Perhaps your cubemate likes to do his training on his lunch break, while you prefer to do it at night after the kids go to bed.  Another coworker may wish to learn while sitting in the park after work. Maybe one employee prefers to do all the training in one day, while another decides it is best to break it up into several days.   Whatever your learning style is, with eLearning, there is not a right or wrong way to do it.

Benefits of eLearning

There are so many amazing benefits to eLearning.  For this exact reason, many companies have switched over to doing learning through technology than the old fashioned way of sitting in a classroom.  Here are some of the great benefits that eLearning can deliver.

Anytime, anywhere

Your employees will appreciate eLearning as it can be done anytime, anywhere.  If you like staying up late, you can hit a training session on your laptop.  If you are traveling for work, use the plane ride as extra time to do training.  This makes it so convenient for an employee to make time to get in the training their job requires.


Have you ever had employees argue over the way something was trained?  If they had different instructors at training, they very well could have each been trained differently.

However, with eLearning, you will not have to worry about that.  Everyone will be trained by the same system so all employees will be on the same page.


With eLearning, your employees can learn at their own pace. For some individuals, they can pick up on something very quickly.  But for others, they may need to go back to a video to listen again to what was said.  Everyone has their own learning pace and this is completely acceptable when it comes to online learning.

Segmented learning

Employees have the choice of only taking part of a class instead of doing the entire training at once.  For many, this is great news so they can allow information to sink in before getting new information.  And for others, it allows them to do part of a training before becoming too bored.

Numerous devices

When employees are doing eLearning, they can do it from many different devices.  Some will choose a laptop or tablet while others are comfortable doing the learning on their phone.  For others, they feel they get the most out of it when it is completed on a desktop.  As long as they have a web connection and browser, they can complete these courses.

eLearning courses have been designed to be mobile-friendly.  This is great for those individuals that are currently tied to their phones.

Types of eLearning

There are various content types when it comes to eLearning.  These include:

* Webinars- An online lecture that provides information through talking, videos, and slides.

* Video courses- Courses that can be interactive and fun for the employee to obtain information from.

* Digital courses- Courses with slides, videos, and more to assist the employee in learning.

* Quizzes-  Employers can provide quizzes to see what each employee has learned at the end of a module.

* Ebooks and articles- A knowledge base can be full of great ebooks and articles that deal with various topics pertinent to the business.

* Talking head video-  A person talking to the screen that tells a story to captivate the listener.

* Screencasts-  Videos show how to use particular software.

* Podcasts-  Convenient and easy to listen to, podcasts can be accessed when individuals are driving, flying, doing the dishes, and so much more.

Corporate training and eLearning

There are many reasons why your corporation should consider using eLearning.  Here are just a few great examples of why.

* A company can educate employees who have diverse staff using modules.  If you are a remote employing company, this can be essential to your business.

* Online training is less expensive than in-person training.  There is no need to reserve space for the training, pay a trainer, or pay employees to travel.  A one time expense of purchasing software and devices is all that will be needed.

* eLearning can assist in lowering company turnover.  Forbes has published that 40% of employees who are not trained well will leave that job in one year.  Employees who are offered eLearning will realize that their employers value their time and growth as a professional.

Tips for introducing your company to eLearning

In a survey done in 2017, American companies that provided eLearning for their company employees had 218% more revenue per employee with a 24% higher profit margin!  Think about what it would do now several years later!

If you want to introduce eLearning to your company, but are unsure how the following tips can help get you on track.

  1. Pinpoint a strategy for implementing your eLearning to your employees. Communication is very important in this step, as everyone needs to be on board with it. Managers need to know what they are responsible for doing and communicate with employees on where and how to access the training that needs to take place.
  2. Promotional materials can assist in making the process of eLearning better accepted. Older employees who are not up on technology may fear taking courses online. But if you provide information on what eLearning is, what it can do for your company, and what the pros are for the employees, it can help to ease an employee who is not certain.
  3. Motivate your staff for completing the eLearning. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as providing a gift basket to anyone that completes all courses or putting employee’s names in a drawing for a gift certificate to an eating place.
  4. Let your employees decide what courses they take. You can mandate that they take certain courses, but then give them the freedom to pick a few that sound interesting to them that will assist them in their daily work performance.
  5. Before implementing eLearning, provide a crash course on how to use the software. Or you can ask if there are a few employees that would like to be the go-to person if someone has trouble using the software.


eLearning is a valuable tool that many companies can greatly benefit from.  Not only will your employees be more productive, but they will also have invaluable training that will highly increase their chances of staying with your company.

eLearning is a crucial part of your business as it can assist your company in being successful.  Employees who are well trained can make your company, just as employees who are poorly trained can break your company.  eLearning can assist your business by providing outstanding training results.

What our clients say

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