Totara Reporting

In Totara Learn, you are able to build powerful, flexible, custom reports that allow you to better visualize usage, progress, and achievement across your organization.Totara comes with many reports built-in, covering most typical reporting needs. The latest versions of Totara also feature a built-in report builder to extract data about any aspect of learning necessary.

It is possible to set up Totara reports to provide the information necessary for different personnel within your organization. The reports can include relevant information to help learners see their progress, managers understand their teams, and L&D staff to better understand learning across entire departments, divisions, and at a company level.

Due to Totara’s open-core API, many third-party reporting options are also possible. Intelliboard, Tableau, and Snowflake can be used alongside Totara to cover your reporting and data intelligence needs. In addition, Webanywhere can build specific integrations with other reporting tools to build a solution that will work for you.

Reporting Highlights

Built-In Reports

Totara features dozens of built-in reports, covering all of the most common pieces of information that business, managers, and teams need to see. Each of these built-in reports can be modified and filtered to allow for precise control of reporting.

Exporting Reports

Reports can be exported in a variety of formats, including CSV and PDF, for further analysis, simplifying the process of sharing data with line managers and other stakeholders.

Custom Report Builder

Totara reports can be built ad-hoc as and when required. The Totara report builder allows for any aspect of data to be queried and reported on on so that businesses can access the data they want.

Quick Access & Visibility

The data can be displayed on dashboards, shared with those who need to see it, and reports can be linked across Totara in order to create the experience your learners and managers need.

Relevant Information & Access Controls

By showing information relevant to each viewer, reports can deliver managers and teams with the information they need allowing them to focus on their areas of responsibility. Permissions within Totara ensure that reports are only shared with the people you choose.