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The key factor in the success of any learning management system is user engagement. We design our platforms to make the learning experience intuitive, so your teams see the value, not the challenge.

Sales training

At a glance reporting allows you to keep track of each individual’s progress and automatically tailor the learning journey to each user’s specific needs or abilities.

A sales training platform can help you deliver:

  • Product knowledge
  • CRM training
  • Market research
  • Sales technique

One example of a client we’ve worked with in the retail industry is Zara. We developed a social learning platform covering customer service, workplace health and safety and product training. You can view a case study on the project here: Zara case study

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If you want your company to succeed, you need to have sales training implemented in your company plan. Without it, you will fail to see the results you and your company crave.

Sales training can assist you in finding the results you want. However, it is no longer done in one or two days like it used to be. Those days are long gone, as sales training is not something that you do once and forget about it.

What is sales training?

Sales training helps to not only improve the seller’s knowledge but also their skills. The seller will be able to maximize sales through behavioral changes.

Sales training has not been effective in the past simply because the training was not long enough. Sellers would attend a one or two-day seminar, then be expected to take the information they learned and implement it into their job. But when you consider that 77% of information is often forgotten about after only 6 days of learning it if it is not implemented daily, you may wonder why your company would even waste their time training someone on this.

Benefits of sales training

There are numerous benefits of sales training. If you do not believe that your company can gain more success in implementing a sales training strategy, just take a look at the huge gains you can make.

1. Plan on sticking more deals when you have a quality sales training program for your company. If your sales team has not been adequately trained, they may be using tactics that are just unreliable or ineffective. With the proper sales training, you will be able to equip your sales team with effective measures to make the sale and close the deal.

2. With the right sales training, you can implement the best practices for your company. This can be a time-consuming project, so you can not just look up the information online. Training is essential so your sales team knows exactly why they are following these practices. Make it well known that only the best practices will be used in your company to have a successful business.

3. Did you know that with the right sales training, you can see an increase in employee retention? Many sales teams have high turnover rates simply because they were not trained properly. When an employer takes the time to train an employee on sales, their job can become much less stressful as they know exactly how to perform their job and what is expected of them.

4. Your sales team can also gain a vast array of knowledge when the right sales training is provided. Not only will your team need to follow a script, but they also need to be quick on their feet and engage in conversation to land a sale. After all, you do not want an employee to blow a sale because they do not sound knowledgeable about the brand they represent.

5. With the right sales training, your employees can set goals and work on obtaining them. And when your employees make their goals, that betters your company will be. Goals should be for the short term and long term and be realistic for employees to achieve them.

Types of sales training

Various topics can be used when implementing a sales training program. By covering a variety of topics, the entire process of selling is focused on, rather than just one topic.

Consultative selling

When a seller makes a mistake, no matter how large or small it is, they often will lose a sale. Through this type of training, you can learn how to build relationships with your buyers while working on conversions from start to finish. With this training, you will learn how to understand your customers, what their wants are, and how they buy.

Sales prospecting

With sales prospective training, you can get your clients to trust you early on in the game. Through this training, you can learn how to secure appointments with customers through email, social media, and more. This training helps to motivate the seller to put their energy and focus on the customer.

Sales opportunity management

By creating action plans and knowing what your best opportunities are, you can maximize your sales.

Sales negotiation

Negotiation is a part of any job when selling, so you must know how to answer any client’s objections right from the start. But you need to do it in a manner that will not scare off the customer.

There may be objections, but the best training will offer you insight on how to handle that. With your team, you can come up with a list of objections that will be the most common. Then brainstorm on how you can handle the problem so the client has no reason to object. Using scripts is one of the best ways to get around objections.

Strategic and key account management

If you already have buyers you are working with, you do not want to forget about them. Look for the accounts that are growing substantially, and spend more time with them.

And also keep your eyes open for good sales. We have all heard the adage “any sale is a good sale”. But in many businesses, it is not. Using this type of sales training, you can teach your sales team to look out for any of the following:

  • A bad attitude
  • Customers that do not respect the sales team and their boundaries
  • Customers that are too quick to close on a deal

Seller productivity and accountability

Making and sticking to goals is where it is at in the sales training field. Implement and maintain a system that will allow you to achieve these goals.


If you have ever attended a boring conference, you most likely got nothing out of it. The same will go for your potential clients if you have a boring presentation of your product. Simply reading from note cards and slides will not cut it. The customer needs something to grasp on to or remember.

Sales management

As a sales manager, you must hold all sellers accountable for their actions. Help your sellers build relationships with customers so they can build upon their goals.

Sales coaching

Implement a strategy for helping your sales team achieve their goals so they are successful. This can be holding sales team meetings, sending out newsletters or emails full of tips or tidbits of sales training information, or getting together to hash out some ideas.


If your team can not effectively solve a problem, it could cause huge issues for you. A great sales team member will easily be able to solve any issue a customer has. Even better, the sales team member will be looking for these issues before they even arise!

Closing the deal

Many in sales are not sure how to close the deal properly. This is a must so you can have repeat clients! And if your employee is not trained right, they may end up saying the wrong thing, which could stop a deal in its tracks.

Keep on learning

Sales training should never stop. Even if you have your employees go through several modules, they should take courses throughout the year to refresh their memory and learn new tactics. Think of it this way. A teacher has to take continuing education classes, as do daycare providers, lawyers, nurses, pharmacists, and many other professions. The learning will never stop for these professionals, and it should not stop for your sales team either.

There are a variety of ways that you can assist your team members in learning. Workshops can be provided either in person or online. We have seen the best luck with interactive workshops. Sales teams learn better when they can interact with the instructor and others attending the workshop. During this time, brainstorming can take place, as can sharing experiences. One idea that many teams will benefit from is to each present a sales pitch. After the pitch, everyone can provide feedback. Let your employees know that this is a free-thinking exercise and that no one will be ridiculed as everyone must share their ideas. One idea may lead to another, or perhaps two ideas can be combined to make each more effective.

You can do business meetings with each other as well to keep up on sales training.

Sales managers can also send out email reminders about various things that are helpful to do.

Final thoughts

Sales training is an effective tool that can help make any company more successful. With the proper sales training for all employees, your sales team will be able to set attainable goals, be able to negotiate with potential buyers, and problem solve.

With sales training, your company must stay ahead of the game. The only way to obtain this is to continue to educate your team through seminars, conferences, team meetings, and more. If you are looking for your company to succeed, there is no way of getting

What our clients say

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