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Health and safety training

We provide organizations with e-learning platforms to deliver health and safety training, ensuring your staff are up to date with the latest regulations and mandatory compliance training.

Health and safety training

Our open source LMS solutions are built on Totara Learn and allow training to be delivered any time, anywhere, across a range of devices.

Benefits of using an LMS for your training delivery include:

  • Cloud hosted, allowing anytime, anywhere access
  • Compatible with laptops, tablets and mobiles for use on site
  • Centralized reporting on progress and grades
  • Automated certification of users on successful completion

One example of a client we’ve worked with on health and safety training is the British Safety Council, for the London Olympic Games project. You can view a case study on the project here: British Safety Council case study

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What is Health and safety training?

No matter what business you own, large or small, health and safety training is needed.  This is a crucial tool to have to keep your employees safe. Various factors can danger an employee in any industry, therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry by implementing a plan right now.  When you have health and safety training set in place, your company can be more productive and safer.

Why your company needs health and safety training

Years ago, the popular way of doing health and safety training was to simply walk the employee through the company and point out things that the employee needed to know.  Now, health and safety training goes much further to ultimately protect your employee and the company, as well as other employees.

Many are under the misconception that various industries or jobs do not need health and safety training.  This is simply not true!  Even office employees should have this training readily available to them.  This training needs to be done when the employees have first been hired.  Many companies will have this be a part of their orientation.  It should also be repeated on a regular basis to ensure that the employee is up to date on procedures.  

Benefits of health and safety training

There are many benefits to having a health and safety training plan implemented.

  1. Accidents and injuries in the workplace will be reduced.

When all employees are properly trained in how to handle various aspects, you can greatly reduce the number of accidents and injuries.  Think about various chemicals that some companies work with.  These may need to be disposed of in a special manner in order to avoid an accident.  If your employees are not properly trained on this and have never worked with those chemicals before, a huge accident may occur. 

  1. Productivity in the workplace will be increased.

Health and safety training in the workplace can increase productivity in your workplace.  This is due to the fact that employees will be safer and may feel safer as well.  They will then not have to focus their attention on being safe, and can instead concentrate on their job.  

  1. The morale of the employee will be increased.

Did you know that employees who have health and safety training tend to be happier with their employers?  This can lead to a boost in morale, which can also increase production in your employee. 

  1. The company will save money.

The company will be able to save money as they will not have employees that are calling in due to injuries on the job.  The company will not have extra expenses to worry about, such as cleaning up and repairs.  Replacement workers will not need to be hired and trained, nor will there be any investigations that need to be paid for. 

  1. Your company will be able to retain talent.

If your company treats its employees well, they will want to stay.  Part of an employee being treated well is to offer health and safety training.  By providing this, you are letting your employees know that they are valued and you care for them. 

  1. Requirements that are the law are fulfilled.

Every business will have different rules and regulations under the law that they need to follow.  By providing your employees with health and safety training, you can be sure that you are compliant with these. 

  1. The reputation of the company will remain intact.

No company wants to be known as the company with all the accidents or one that is unsafe to work.  And nobody will certainly want to work there.  If you do not have a healthy and safety plan in place, this is what your company could be known as down the road. 

  1. The company will be protected from litigation.

Wither fewer accidents, your company will not face litigation as much.  Plus your company will be better protected because if an employee was properly trained, but did not follow the protocol, there is less of a likelihood that you will be held responsible.

  1. Overall stress will be reduced.

Many may not realize it, but health and safety training in the workplace can cover ways to deal with stress.  When a person has stress, it affects their well-being.  If the stress is long term, it can lead to emotional issues.  This, in turn, makes the employee less focused, have anxiety, and have a lower production level.  It can also lead to physical issues for the employee, such as extreme fatigue, headaches, insomnia, stomach issues, and much more.

  1. Communication will be better. 

.In many workplaces, employees do not communicate well with their employers.  They may fail to tell their supervisor there is an issue with a machine, or that there are hazards that can make an area of the company unsafe.  With a health and safety plan in place, the employee will know exactly what to look for, as well as how to report the issue to. 

Accomplishing effective health and safety training

There are several things that you will want to consider when implementing a health and safety program for your company.  These things will ensure that your program will work effectively for your entire company.

  •       Be sure that health and safety training is done in a language where everyone understands, along with the literacy level;
  •       Empathize that the only way a health and safety program will work is if everyone does their part;
  •       Be open to suggestions from your employees;
  •       Make everyone feel comfortable at addressing their concerns;
  •       Make it understood that all employees are responsible for learning health and safety training.  Instruct employees that everyone has a role in keeping not only themselves but others safe; and
  •       Instruct employees what their specific roles are on how to participate in investigations, program evaluations, improvements, and recognizing hazards.

When should health and safety training be done?

Health and safety training needs to be completed more than once to ensure that employees are up to date and informed.  As safety regulations and rules change, it is crucial to keep your employees up to date on this information.


Certain safety courses have a set length of time before a certificate expires.  With these courses, you will want to keep track of when each employee’s certifications expire. 


You must perform health and safety training on an annual basis.  This will provide your employees with new information, as well as refresh them with information from previous training. 

You will also want to offer additional training when necessary, such as when there is a change in facilities, tools, methods, supplies, or work organization that could increase dangers, or whenever an employee is given a new job.

After safety audits

After your company has a safety audit, you should plan on having safety training.  These audits can offer your company a great deal of information that you will want to share with your employees.

As an added benefit, during the safety audit, it will be pointed out what things your employees are doing that are unsafe.  Now is the time to address these concerns.

After an accident

If there are accidents in your company, you will want to address why it happened.  Take the time to educate your employees so the accident does not happen again.

Health and safety training statistics

If you do not feel that your company needs health and safety training, consider the following statistics that speak for themselves.

  •       Deaths in the workforce have dropped by more than 60% and injuries have been reduced by 40% since 1970 due to OSHA. The workplace can be drastically made safer when higher standards are met;
  •       OSHA says that by removing the “fatal four”, 631 lives could be saved alone each year in the United States.  The fatal four include falls, struck-by, caught-in/between, and electrocutions;
  •       Industries with strong safety cultures have lower injuries and death rates than other companies in the same industry that do not have these training implemented;
  •       In the UK, 6.5 billion is spent each year on workplace injury;
  •       In 2015, 19.1 billion was spent in the UK on work-related injury and illness;
  •       In 2015, Ontario companies paid out $52 million for work-related compensation and other losses;
  •       Companies in Ontario were fined $5.2 million as of late 2016 for failure to uphold safety standards;
  •       In 2011, the average time for an employee to be away from work for a work-related fracture was 36 days, while a sprain was 10 days away; and
  •       In 2016, RNs in the private industry experienced 8,730 days-away-from-work cases listed as musculoskeletal disorders.

As you can see, all over the world, health and safety training is needed for companies.  Your company will not be exempt from this training just because you are located in one area.  By looking at data, you can improve your own health and safety plan. 

In Conclusion

It is crucial for any industry to have health and safety training in place.  With so many benefits for both the company and the employees, it makes sense to implement a program that works for everyone.

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