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Managing a SMEs involves balancing many responsibilities to ensure your workforce is equipped to face daily operations head-on. Effective training and seamless communication stand at the core of this preparation. A Learning Management System developed for SMEs can streamline these essential processes, keeping your team updated with the latest industry skills and upholding your customers’ expected high-quality service.

Our LMS is designed to simplify onboarding new staff while maintaining excellence across your operations. Whether implementing new policies or introducing innovative services, our solution ensures your workforce is primed for success. This platform simplifies the training process, allowing you to focus more on your business’s growth and development.

What Is a LMS?

A LMS is a digital platform perfect for SMEs looking to streamline their training and learning processes. It houses all your training materials, videos, and quizzes in one online location, tracking progress and ensuring your team stays updated with essential skills. It simplifies onboarding and ongoing education for SMEs, making team development efficient and straightforward.

What are the benefits of LMS for SMEs?

LMS offers key advantages for SMEs by making training efficient and accessible. It centralizes resources, cutting costs and removing the need for physical materials. Flexible learning suits individual schedules, improving engagement. Tracking features monitor progress and identify improvement areas, facilitating tailored training plans. This streamlines skill development, directly benefiting SMEs.

Why choose Webanywhere?

Webanywhere delivers industry-leading LMS to SMEs, featuring a sleek, mobile-friendly interface for ultimate accessibility. Our cutting-edge approach to training ensures flexibility and effectiveness, tailored specifically for the unique needs of SMEs.

Simple user interface

We develop our LMS for simplicity, featuring a sleek, responsive design that effortlessly adapts to desktop and mobile devices. With customizable themes that align with your brand, learning becomes a natural part of your business’s essence.


Our platform streamlines the administration of training and certification programs, keeping your team up-to-date with the latest trends and standards. Automating routine tasks frees up your time to concentrate on core business activities.


Elevate your team’s learning experience with our LMS. Easily track performance, manage development paths, and boost outcomes. Our user-friendly system integrates with CRM, HR, and other essential tools, enhancing efficiency and impact.


Our robust tracking and lms reporting tools make tracking your team’s training achievements easy, from completing courses to taking quizzes. This visibility allows for improved management and informed leadership decisions.


Leveraging Totara Audiences, we facilitate focused training that maximizes time and resources. Our platform’s multi-tenancy feature lets different business segments standardize training, ensuring a uniform learning experience throughout your SME.

What our LMS for SMEs offers?

Our LMS solution is developed for SMEs, covering all training essentials. From bespoke design and development to integration, reliable hosting, expert advice, practical training sessions, and unmatched ongoing support, your training needs are fully covered.

Custom development

We specialize in custom LMS development to create tailored learning journeys, offering an intuitive and reliable platform for your team’s educational needs.

Mobile-first design

Our LMS is designed with mobility in mind, ensuring your team can easily access their training anywhere, promoting learning without limits through a mobile-first strategy.

Content development

We’re experts in producing high-quality educational content that enhances the effectiveness of your training initiatives, ensuring your materials are engaging and impactful.

Managed Hosting Options

With our managed hosting solutions boasting 99.9% uptime, you can concentrate on educating your team, assured of a dependable system.

Consultancy & training

As business landscapes change, our comprehensive consultancy and training services are here to guide you, ensuring your SME stays competitive and informed.

Ongoing Customer Support

Our commitment extends beyond the initial setup. We provide continuous support to tackle any future challenges, ensuring you have access to expert advice and solutions when you need them.

Success Stories

to discover the benefits our LMS can have on your SME.


Secure Your SME LMS today

Webanywhere offers a versatile and dynamic LMS specifically designed for SMEs. Our platform provides robust training solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Seamlessly connect our LMS with your existing systems to create a comprehensive training ecosystem that fosters individual and organizational development.