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Access, Manage and Edit. A streamlined and intuitive editing tool, allowing you to edit directly on the page.

Template or Custom Themes

Work with us to create an individual custom theme designed specifically for you, or enhance one of our existing designs with your school colors, logo and font.

Website Statistics

Comprehensive graphs and figures can be created based on visitor data collated. This will make it easier to make strategic improvements to your website, while seeing how effective it is.

Training & Unlimited Support

We are here to help you - offering support via phone, email or screen share.


Whether it’s via smart phone, tablet device, laptop or computer, School Jotter can be viewed so people can access your site anywhere and anytime.

Twitter/RSS Feed

Interesting news feeds can be added to your website to help keep your content fresh. You can even add your own accounts to communicate updates in real time.

School Calendar

Add key school dates, including school trips, term dates and events, so that teachers, parents and students can keep up to date.

Photo Galleries & Slideshow

Parents will be able to see what students have been up to. With this photo gallery tool, let the pictures do the talking!

Jotter Mobile App

This cell phone app for parents keeps them up to speed and engaged with what’s happening at school. From news, events and useful links, to the urgent push notifications, one glance at their phone will tell parents all the essential information they need.

Contact Forms

An easy way for prospective parents or parents to contact the school via the website.

Custom Forms

Find out what parents really think by creating surveys to suit your needs.

Google Maps

Make it easy for parents to find your school by adding this great tool.


What’s the Best Way of Helping Students Learn?

Introducing the School Jotter VLE - Learn

The Learn module allows you to create engaging, interactive sites to incorporate e-learning into the curriculum - both in and outside of the classroom. Images, links and flash programs can be added, as well as embedded objects such as videos, presentations and games. Create secure, user-specific sites for subject, topic or homework. Keep students captivated with fun lessons and homework. This online system allows better collaboration and parental sharing, while reducing the teacher’s workload. Webanywhere also work with subject experts to produce dynamic e-learning content so you don’t have to.


Add-on Modules for Learning, Communicating and Socialising

Jotter Homework - plan, schedule and track homework that can be securely accessed by students and parents from anywhere.
Jotter ePortfolio - secure online space where students create a profile, upload work and network with peers.
Jotter Spellings - encourage pupils to learn and practice their weekly spellings.
Jotter Blog - engage reluctant writers and create a buzz about writing. Display worthy blogs on the website, where comments can be added.
Jotter Surveys - gather feedback by creating and sharing surveys with pupils, teachers, parents and the wider community.
Jotter Merits - motivate students to achieve targets. Merits can be awarded then ‘spent’ on their personal avatar’s clothes and accessories. Share merit reports with parents.
Jotter Forums - encourages discussion, interaction and collaboration between students and teachers. Promote online socialisation and e-safety awareness.
Jotter Broadcast - instantly notify thousands of parents or students via email or SMS. See replies in real time, allowing a fast response.



SIMS Integration with your existing MIS system.
Office 365 Integration.
Jotter Files - supplied with any module, this is our unlimited cloud storage platform.
Jotter Calendar - create, import, export and embed calendars (included with your SJ account).


"You’ve made this a very easy process and have ensured that I have got everything that I've wanted and needed. I have been extremely impressed all the way around.”
Jamie Johnston, ICT Coordinator, Enniskillen Integrated Elementary School

"I know I was a very demanding customer, constantly wanting to tweak and change things. Webanywhere were very patient, listening to what I said, making suggestions and changing whatever I wanted.”
Cathy Elsley, Principal, Monksmead Elementary School

"It’s so easy to use, and for the parents it’s great. They can see what the children have been doing. We upload pictures of the children, and the newsletters go up on there. Parents say they find it really useful.”
Margaret Sharples, Administrator, Otley Street Preschool

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