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Workplace Learning

If you are interested in Moodle for business, it's a highly configurable, flexible LMS that delivers a low-risk core platform for continual professional development, performance management, training and ongoing assessment.

Schools and Teacher Training

Moodle enables teachers to take the most effective aspects of their classroom practice and transfer them into an online home teaching and learning environment. As the platform is web based, staff and students have 24/7 access to resources and activities, enabling learning to reach beyond the classroom.

Moodle Standard Features

Manage and track a variety of e-learning resources including audio, video, PDFs and more.
Integration with other systems including Open Badges, Active Directory, Google Drive & YouTube.
Calendar to track events and submission deadlines.
Discussion forums produced in a variety of formats.
Quizzes & Surveys created.
Variety of assignment types including uploading files and online submissions.
Interactive tools for student-led learning - Wiki activities, peer reviewed workshops.
Over 70 language packs accessable - customized to your preference.
Secure chat rooms for group discussions.



No Internet? No Problem!

With the clever Moodle Mobile app, it’s now possible to continue coursework - even when offline. With secure access to many essential features such as files, assignments, pages, quizzes and forums, learning can take place anytime, anywhere.


Why Moodle?

No contracts or per-user licensing costs to pay each with an open source platform. 
Redeploy money saved into your LMS - allowing you to have a more content-rich and unique solution.
MIS integration allows you to integrate with your management system, saving significant time on admin tasks.
Facilitate more personalized learning, reaching outside the classroom in a more engaging way for staff, students and parents alike.
Highly configurable to meet individual requirements, due to the modular nature.
Open Source platforms are constantly reviewed with frequent updates and plugins.


Webanywhere’s Moodle services

Hosting & Server Support - We offer Moodle hosting in a variety of locations. The most popular options are: at one of our specialist data centers, on a server within your network infrastructure (both inside the network or in a DMZ) or a cloud hosting service.
Consultancy - We can offer expertise on solution design and Moodle configuration, advice on developing effective user journeys and advice on deployment and user engagement. We can also offer advice on multi tenancy i.e. supporting a group of subsidiary organizations/campuses on a single Moodle instance.
Support & Service Desk - We have a wealth of experience in offering support for Moodle installations and have a dedicated Moodle service desk staffed by our specialists.
Development - We have a dedicated team of experienced Moodle developers that can produce modifications and bespoke additions to Moodle as required. We are also very experienced at updating and refreshing older versions of Moodle software.
Course Development - We can help you to author exciting and engaging content, producing templates for your use. Alternatively, we can supply you with a range of interactive content.
Theme Customisation - We can produce a customized Moodle theme that can reflect and integrate with your brand and culture.
Moodle Training - We can train tutors and your IT department in the effective management of your business Moodle solution.



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