With Jotter ePortfolio, pupils can display their favourite pieces of work and proudest achievements in one safe, secure online location. As more work is added, Jotter ePortfolio becomes a digital map of learning - great for viewing at a glance how a pupil has progressed.

Key features include:

  • Online space: Pupils can share their work with peers and the community.
  • Custom themes: Pupils can choose from a range of colorful backgrounds.
  • Teacher comments: Add a comment to any page, and give pupils feedback.
  • Intuitive design: Easy-to-use and consistent with our other apps.
  • Share work: Pupils can see each other’s ePortfolios.



How does ePortfolio benefit learners?

  • Promotes self-reflection and encourages children to be proud of their work and progress
  • Encourages children to express themselves through different subjects and outlets -  a great way of supporting children who struggle with academic assessment
  • Teachers, parents and friends can comment and offer feedback, helping to encourage pupils and promote peer learning

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