LMS Mobile Learning Apps

Moodle And Totara LMS Apps

We provide:
  • Access your learning catalogue and enrol into course while on the move.
  • Complete training tasks including assignments and quizzes directly via the app.
  • Log into Totara LMS or Moodle on multiple devices
  • Both the Moodle and Totara LMS Mobile Apps can be fully customized to your brand and specification.

How Mobile Learning Can Benefit The Following Training Requirements


Induction training at their fingertips. Accelerate productivity with easy-to-use training modules via the app. Interactive quizzes to enhance knowledge retention.


Compulsory modules can be made fun and engaging via mobile learning apps. Quizzes and surveys completed on the move. M-learning design increases engagement with compliance courses.

Product Knowledge/Sales Training

Effective training on the job is made possible. Glossaries available at your fingertips. Forums to discuss and ask questions, quickly and easily.

Skills Development

Learning material can be accessed easily. Customer service best practice. Campaign training instantly accessible for on-the-job situations.

We Take Your LMS Mobile Apps To The Next Level

As a Totara and Moodle Platinum Partner, we play a key role in developing the platform and mobile apps and providing a fully comprehensive solution. We offer:
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Custom Configuration
  • Systems Integration
  • Cloud or Managed Hosting
  • User Journey
  • Theme Design
  • After Sales Support
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