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Customize Your LMS with Totara

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Limitless LMS

In a world where the boundaries of customization are as vast as your imagination, the true potential of learning and compliance comes to life. Picture this: a realm where your Learning Management System (LMS) is not confined by the limitations of rigid, out-of-the-box solutions but is instead a canvas for your unique needs and visions.

Imagine a system where open code liberates you from the constraints of standard functionality. Here, you’re not just using a tool; you’re creating an experience. This is where learning and compliance scale seamlessly, regardless of the complexity or industry.

Totara’s platform is the embodiment of this vision. It offers a powerful solution to handle any learning experience, for any audience, at any time. Whether you’re managing recurring assessments or streamlining onboarding processes, this platform adapts to your needs. It’s about more than just ticking boxes; it’s about creating meaningful, scalable learning experiences.

But even the most powerful tools need the right partners to unlock their full potential. Enter Webanywhere, a Platinum Totara Partner. We  are more than just a service provider; we are your partner in transformation. We take the limitless customization potential of Totara’s LMS and turn it into your reality. No hassle, no fuss. You dream it, we build it.

Sean Gilligan, founder of Webanywhere and a visionary in the Online Learning Platform industry for 20 years, emphasizes the transformative impact of Webanywhere’s Totara partnership: “You can save time and money whilst minimizing costs by implementing Totara LMS. Totara lets you reduce auditing, training, and administrative costs to enhance compliance, reporting, and onboarding efficiency.”

Consider the words of a Head of Learning at a large healthcare organization: “90% of two L&D people’s time was compliance. Now, it’s 10% of one person.”

Retaining staff through effective training is another cornerstone of success. Gilligan notes, “Totara lets you efficiently manage and deliver training to upskill your staff, improve performance, and boost retention as you grow.”

A Professional Development Manager at an L&D Academy shared their experience: “Most of our 120,000 worldwide staff use Totara. We used to have numerous people leave within the first 6 months, but we did a big push on onboarding using Totara and now we retain most staff we onboard.”

Improving business outcomes goes beyond box-ticking compliance. Gilligan highlights the broader benefits: “Totara enables self-directed learning and personalized courses to engage staff while reducing business risk through better compliance.”

A Vice President at a Learning Tech Provider observed, “We manage 50,000 learners with three people using Totara’s automation. Staying compliant keeps the organization safe from penalties, fines, and even shutdowns.”

As a Platinum Totara Partner, Webanywhere ensures that every element of your ideal LMS is expertly crafted and deployed. This collaboration means that your learning and compliance needs are met with precision and care, creating an environment where you can focus on what truly matters – the growth and development of your people.

In this limitless landscape, the only boundary is your imagination. And with Webanywhere as your Platinum Totara Partner, even that boundary fades away. So, dream big, because with Webanywhere and Totara, your LMS can be everything you need and more.