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5 Benefits of Using eLearning in 2021

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With many of us still working from home over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be thinking about how you’ll deliver training for your employees moving forwards. Whilst formal, face-to-face learning is undoubtedly effective, there are many benefits to delivering your training using eLearning, to continue the professional development of your staff.

Here we break down some of the key benefits of eLearning in 2021.

Faster delivery

Giving your team access to learning materials online means training is quicker and easier to undertake than in a traditional classroom setting. Not only this, but some studies suggest that learners need significantly less time to absorb materials when they are available on a self-serve basis.

Always on

In this world of remote work, asking colleagues quick questions is made much more difficult. Again, this means having your training available for team members at the point of need means they can get immediate answers to questions and reduce interruptions to management and other members of the team.

Always up-to-date

An LMS or LXP enables your learning and development teams to keep your learning materials completely up to date. Materials can then be disseminated out to teams and depending on your platform, you can easily track learner progress and target individuals or groups to increase engagement.

Communication and collaboration

Collaborative learning, which encourages social interaction between learners, is still relatively new in terms of learning and development trends, but it is even more important to encourage such communication in this world of remote work. From enabling social discussions alongside your learning online, setting group projects, communication, and collaboration can only help build a stronger business.


The scalability of online learning over typical instructor-led/classroom training is hugely advantageous to a business. Adding more learners to online courses is generally very easy across any learning management system, and being able to accurately track progress against courses is essential to enable employees to perform at their best.

What benefits has your team seen from using eLearning? Get in touch with us on Twitter or LinkedIn to share your success stories and tips for keeping everyone motivated and learning while working remotely.
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