Knowledge Sharing – eLearning User Groups

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Knowledge Sharing - eLearning User Groups

Over the last few years, much emphasis has been placed on knowledge sharing within an organization’s own elearning program. Easily accessible, bite size knowledge has applications for:

  • Sales / marketing – get up to speed on new products and services

  • Customer service – refresh correct responses to different scenarios

  • Compliance – find the protocol for handling a hazardous substance

Regardless of sector or industry, every organization needs a flexible, knowledge sharing platform. It should be available 24/7 using mobile devices, as you want to make it as convenient as possible to learn. Webanywhere decided to take this to the next level and create a culture of knowledge sharing.

eLearning User Group Conference

Webanywhere's elearning user group conference in Chicago     presenter at Webanywhere's elearning user group

Webanywhere Inc decided to trial hosting an elearning user group conference. The inaugural event was held in February this year in Chicago, home of our US branch. We invited a number of major clients to attend and were delighted when Medtronic, JetBlue, Texas Instruments, and Apollo Education were among the nine organizations who took part. The theme of the event was: Together we are more than the sum of our parts.

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The conference was set up to foster innovative ideas and share best practice. Presentations included:

  • Medtronic Academy

  • JetBlue Scholars – continuing education

  • Totara Learn LMS

  • Creating engaging content

  • Promatum CRM for fast knowledge sharing

There was also a round table discussion on ‘Encouraging uptake and utilization’, which proved lively and thought-provoking.

Cody Cleverly of JetBlue Airways       Brandon Merdalo, VP of Webanywhere

The various Learning & Development guests were able to look at how other organizations approached elearning for employee onboarding, talent management, mandatory compliance training and product knowledge. It helped to put things in perspective and highlight alternative strategies. A wide range of topics was discussed, from improving what you get out of your LMS, to using gamification to increase learner engagement. Everyone went away with a renewed commitment to meeting their company’s learning goals.

eLearning Themes

Some of the more important ingredients for successful learning were demonstrated at the conference:

  • Collaboration

  • Mobile learning

  • Interactive content – heavy on the visual

  • Social learning

  • Knowledge sharing

Afterwards the overwhelming feedback was that the user group had been a complete success – so much so that it was decided to hold them annually in the US and UK. The sharing of new ideas between learning specialists will also help us create more effective solutions.

When a customer chooses Webanywhere for an elearning solution, it’s all about the journey together. We work alongside our clients, offering our expertise and flexibility. It’s very much a synergistic partnership.