Webanywhere Makes Compliance Training That Little Bit Easier

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Webanywhere Makes Compliance Training That Little Bit Easier

It is essential for employees to carry out mandatory training courses, tests and activities to ensure compliance – and it is just as essential for a business to have a record of this training in order to demonstrate this activity upon request.

Compliance Module

With this in mind, Webanywhere have developed the new compliance training module, designed to ensure tracking compliance doesn’t become an organizational burden. It is the perfect line of defense for organizations when preparing for internal and external audits, helping to record all training that has been completed, and to highlight what is still outstanding.

What’s more, if training needs to be repeated, the Compliance Module alerts both the managers and learners so that they are aware it needs to be completed once more.

Our Role

The development of this module demonstrates not only our commitment to solving the problems our customers face, but also our active role in the LMS community. Totara Learn is the worlds most popular LMS learning management system, and is under continual development by virtue of being open source, fostering innovation and new functionality.

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