Totara Recipe: Become a Product Guru

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Totara Recipes: How to Onboard Effectively

Shoppers are savvier than ever, coming into your stores knowing more about your products than your associates do. According to a report by AdWeek81% of shoppers conduct online research on a product before a purchase. It is essential that you support your associates with training and digital tools to become product gurus so that they can drive more in-store sales.


  • Product details: components, materials, usage


Compile a list of everyone in your extended enterprise network, from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to potential customers. Everyone on the list needs to become a product guru.


  • Assign someone to compile in-depth knowledge of all products and share with the ID

  • Ensure learning is engaging through using:

    • Interactive videos and other visually rich media to aid retention

    • Quizzes to consolidate learning

    • Social learning platforms such as forums for collaboration

  • Enable access to product modules anytime, anywhere, using mobile devices

  • (optional) Provide a phone app that allows learning to continue even when offline.

  • Make the product modules available to your entire extended enterprise network: OEM, channel partners, suppliers, distributors, dealers, customer experience operatives, and customers.

Serve & Enjoy!

By ensuring that your associates understand a product inside and out, shoppers will have more confidence in your products and brand.

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