Successful Onboarding with eLearning

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Successful Onboarding with eLearning

They illustrated the deployment of the Totara learning management system (LMS) which the UCLH is using for onboarding. First, Rob outlined what the issues with their previous LMS learning management system were and how it was failing to meet the needs of a large organization such as UCLH. Their switch to an open source system such as the Totara LMS was forced by the disappointing experiences they have had in the past using proprietary software.

Key objectives for UCLH were:

  • to improve training/compliance figures
  • to ensure staff operating safely and competently
  • to achieve this earlier in the induction process
  • to give staff flexibility and ownership of their learning

After Rob has explained the issues from UCLH’s point of view, Kristine went on to go through the project step by step focussing on the collaborative work between Webanywhere and UCLH in order to meet the specific needs and completing this project in a short time frame. The full process from initial enquiry, to proof of concept and then final project launch took less than 8 months.

Rob then went on and gave his opinion on the new Totara LMS and what the key benefits are. He stressed the anytime and anywhere access, easy to use with simple navigation and the control UCLH gained regarding the future of this particular project using open source.

As a result of the new system, UCLH were awarded a prize for the most improved compliance figures.

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