The Benefits of an LMS for Hospitals

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The Benefits of an LMS for Hospitals

For hospitals to continually improve patient care and stay competitive, ongoing, effective staff training is imperative. A well-implemented healthcare learning management system (LMS) will help a hospital more effectively organize training courses, track learner progress and improve the learning experience – while also reducing cost.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of an LMS for hospitals and other healthcare providers

Better Talent Management

A hospital’s most important asset is its staff. The quality of patient care depends for the most part on the performance of the hospital’s employees. For this reason it’s very important to attract talented employees, help them develop themselves through training and keep them satisfied in their work. Happy employees are more engaged, perform better and are less likely to quit.

A hospital LMS that includes a talent management element helps provide higher quality employee training and allows HR to keep better track of job performance and career goals.

Faster Deployment of New Training Material

New research and technological advancements are constantly changing healthcare best practices, procedures and regulations. To stay up to date, healthcare courses need to be updated frequently. Modifying elearning courses that are hosted on a healthcare LMS is much easier and faster than updating traditional training content and sending staff on refresher courses.

Modifications to training material can be performed quickly and made immediately available to all students, even if they are geographically dispersed. Crucially, this new material is often better retained when delivered via elearning. IBM reported that management training delivered via elearning enhanced retention of information by 25 to 60%.

Lower Training Costs

Travel, trainer, food and accommodation costs make traditional classroom training an expensive affair. An LMS allows hospitals to create or purchase elearning courses that can be delivered to any employee without having to hire more trainers, pay for transportation or make extra classrooms available. Numerous studies have demonstrated dramatic cost-savings with elearning and an average saving of 68% has been commonly discussed.

Make sure to choose a healthcare LMS that enables the tracking of both online and offline learning in order to minimize additional admin.

Easier to Track Learner Progress

A good LMS makes tracking employee training progress much easier. Many learning management systems provide an overview of employee certifications, course completion, training progress and staff training goals. HR can use this information to identify employees who are ready for promotion and those who require extra training in order to keep their position in the organisation.

When selecting a hospital LMS, make sure that you thoroughly research the tracking and dashboard functionalities the solution provides.

More Consistent Training

An LMS makes it easier to standardize training material and deliver the exact same training to every student. This improves quality of care and reduces risk caused by inconsistent teaching.

More Flexible Learning

LMS-hosted training courses can be accessed from anywhere at anytime as long as the learner has access to the internet. This allows hospital staff to better fit training into their busy schedules, as self-paced elearning is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The flexibility this offers generally leads to an increased number of completions and reduced time for completion. It also decreases workflow disruption.

The benefits of implementing an LMS are so significant that it is basically a no-brainer for any hospital that’s serious about improving staff skills and patient care to make the investment.

When choosing an LMS for hospitals, it is important to look for an experienced provider that offers a user-friendly solution, top notch support and has extensive experience with healthcare learning management.

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