Engaging Compliance Training – Making it Easy and Fun

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Engaging Compliance Training - Making it Easy and Fun

Adding some fun elements to your training will help personnel get through it without falling asleep, and help them remember and work in accordance with the things that they have learned. This is hugely important for any company, and especially those in high-consequence industries, such as Healthcare / Medical, Aviation, Life Sciences / Pharmaceutical or Manufacturing.

These days, much compliance training is provided through elearning because it is more cost-effective and much easier to make available throughout the entire organization. Unfortunately, it is very easy to make a dull elearning course, especially if it’s based around industry rules and regulations, and a bit more of a challenge to make it engaging and enjoyable.

Below we’ve gathered some tips for how to make compliance training easy and fun.


One way of making your online compliance training more fun is by using gamification. Creating interactive games around compliance topics will significantly boost engagement and retention of learners.

Keep it realistic

Use scenarios throughout the training that are actually believable. Compliance training often uses very obvious, but completely unrealistic scenarios with ridiculously easy questions to get across a point more clearly. However, in doing so you can lose the respect of the learner by insulting his or her intelligence.

Using realistic scenarios that your learners actually need to think about will lead to better understanding and retention.

Appeal to the Visual Sense

There is nothing more dull than looking at pages and pages of text about a less than exciting topic. Instead of just typing away, consider creating some videos about the most important compliance topics. Many people are much better at visual learning and will retain more information when learning material is presented in well-crafted imagery and videos.

Because it can be a lot of working making videos, you may want to stick to only the most important topics for them and include images and drawings throughout less mission-critical course material.

Break it Up

Break up your compliance training in different parts, and let your employees follow the (still mandatory) training in whichever order and at whichever time they want. Giving them this element of control will make it feel less mandatory and allow them to take breaks in between modules so they can give their minds a rest.

Stay Positive

In the course material, you don’t need to constantly talk about the horrible consequences that may happen when compliance standards are not adhered to. Teaching by using fear will not help motivate your employees to be compliant, but could instead put them off the entire training program. Try to keep the learning material more on the positive side for better employee engagement.

Compliance training is a very necessary evil that is important in most organizations but that doesn’t mean it has to be an extremely painful experience for your employees. Creation of engaging compliance training by considering ease of use and more fun elements will help boost staff interaction and retention, which is great for both your organization and the morale of your employees.

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