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Zara eLearning Case Study

70:20:10 Social Learning Platform

This case study examines how elearning specialists Webanywhere delivered a new social video platform to Inditex, one of the world’s largest fashion retail groups, including brands such as Zara.


Inditex is one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, with eight brands in its portfolio. It consists of Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe.

As of 30th December 2012, there were 805 retail stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany and Switzerland.

They boast 5,887 stores in 87 markets, and employ over 110,000 staff worldwide. Inditex’s corporate culture is based on teamwork and open communication, which is essential for any successful business. Their achievement is down to the innovation and flexibility of the company, an example of which can be seen from their new social video platform, created for Inditex by Webanywhere.


Inditex needed a social learning platform where its staff generated video content could easily be uploaded, accessed and shared to all employees, across the UK and Ireland. They also wanted something that could provide flexible, Just-In-Time training, which would allow access 24/7, from any location. Therefore, the elearning platform needed to be mobile, and designed to be compatible with all mobile devices e.g. tablet or mobile.

One of the key requirements was for the platform to be social, promoting online collaboration between both employees in the same store and those employees in other, UK and Ireland stores. Inditex wanted to promote teamwork and interaction between all store members, creating a well integrated workforce.

As the content of the social learning platform would be generated by Inditex’s employees, it would also need to be reviewed before going live. This would ensure that no inappropriate content, or incorrect information would be uploaded.

Finally, Inditex needed a platform that was innovative and new, encompassing the vision and values of the company as a whole.

Webanywhere worked in collaboration with Inditex to create a video based learning platform, that could be used ‘on the go’ and accessed from multiple devices, such as mobile, tablet, laptop and computer. This platform therefore, was responsive in design, fitting proportionally to each screen. It could also be accessed anytime, anywhere, whether in store or at home.

INview as it became known, was based upon the 70:20:10 Social Learning Platform, which enables an organisation to make best use of its talent pool and share best practise online, in a cost effective manner. It allows Inditex to capture the 90% of learning (70% on the job, 20% social interaction, with the other 10% from formal classroom training) which occurs in the workplace and share it internally.

The online retail training platform allows each employee to login to their own secure landing page and access video content that they require, allowing for personalised learning and knowledge sharing. INview also allows for social interaction: employees can rate, comment and like the videos that are uploaded..

This in turn, would provide useful analytic data for managers, allowing them to see the most popular videos, see comments, likes and ratings. Therefore allowing them to see exactly what employees are thinking and what problems they may be facing.

INview was launched at Inditex’s Safety Champions Conference in early 2013 by Conor Gilligan Head of Operations, Workplace Learning at Webanywhere

The Launch

In January, Inditex held its annual Safety Champion Conference in central London. During this event the INview platform was launched by Webanywhere, to over 200 regional store health and safety managers / champions. The presentation not only covered the practical side of using the new platform, but also the benefits of its use.

By using INview, Inditex saw some fantastic results, including:

  • 80% saving in setup cost due to using open source technologies.
  • An ongoing 60% reduction in compliance training costs.
  • 25% increase in employee engagement.

Key benefits

  • Training ‘on the go’
  • Mobile responsive design.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Promotes peer to peer learning and development.
  • Enhances knowledge sharing.
  • Engaging user driven content.
  • ‘Just-in-time’ learning.
  • Social media features, such as ‘like’ and ‘comment’.
  • Perfect for online collaboration creating an employee community across stores.
  • Staff generated content provides fantastic insights into the store process and challenges that employees may face.
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