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Threatready Resources

This case study details how Webanywhere were able to solve a somewhat unusual request from Threatready Resources, enabling their clients’ employees to train in cyber security awareness.


Organizations are constantly battling against cyber threats, and the weak link is people. Threatready’s cyber awareness training programs use advanced learning techniques to help reduce this problem.


Threatready required an LMS platform with a difference. It needed to work and track like an LMS, but because they didn’t want users to realize they were going into a system outside their organization, the LMS couldn’t have any branding. Threatready also needed a way for their customers to easily notify all employees when a training module needed to be completed, without the email being sent having to be specific to each employee due to login credentials, etc. The supposed in-house link to training would be included in a mass email, posted on social media sites, etc. Communication needed to be flexible.

After discussing Threatready’s requirements at length, Webanywhere’s corporate experts chose the most suitable LMS. Being open source also meant Threatready wouldn’t have to pay per-user licence fees, making it cost-effective. A blank theme was created with no branding or styling to make it look like a simple page that could be used and sent via any media, while still being within Threatready’s LMS. This way users would assume they were still within their organization’s own system. Having guest access on the LMS would mean no need to sign in, or have instructions on how to use the system. Webanywhere created custom reports to allow Threatready to track users’ learning, as well as view individual client’s data and hit rates, filtered according to date range. This data could then be sent on to the client.

The implementation Webanywhere achieved helped us to have a seamless experience for users we were looking for. It is by far the only solution nimble enough to meet our needs. Working with Webanywhere has been an absolute pleasure. Our consultant knew his stuff and always found out the answers. He was able to follow through the whole process keeping us in the picture and staying focused on the end goal.

Patti Caswell,
Vice President of Customer Service and Operations