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Custom Developed Mobile Learning Solutions

For the most demanding needs, Webanywhere have developed bespoke native mobile apps for both iOS and Android to support truly bespoke learning. Using technologies such as Swift, Kotlin, and Symfony alongside Totara we can produce custom developed mobile apps which allow for fully immersive mobile elearning experiences.

Our Skillsanywhere range of mobile solutions draw-down content from your Totara LMS in a highly user-friendly way with cutting-edge UI and UX considerations. These mobile apps enable learners to access course content anytime, anywhere.

We recognise that all businesses have unique learning needs, and with 55% of web traffic being done via mobile devices, the user journey of mobile learning has never been more important. Via our Skillsanywhere mobile solution we can truly tailor-make a mobile elearning solution that will work for you, with an industry-leading mobile app.

Custom Mobile App Features

Bespoke Look and Feel

The mobile apps we deploy will look and operate exactly the way you need. We have a team of in-house UX specialist who will tailor your mobile app to fit the needs of your learners and business.

Built for Learners

Learners have higher expectations than ever before. Mobile journeys are now the de facto way in which learners interact with your learning platform. Out of the box Totara is mobile-friendly, however our Skillsanywhere mobile solutions can take that user journey and user experience to the next level.

Built for Totara

From the get-go, our Skillsanywhere mobile solutions have been designed to enhance your Totara experience. All courses and data are being powered from Totara, with full two-way API connectivity. The mobile apps enhance the user experience of Totara to produce an industry-leading mobile elearning solution.

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