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CEO’s Journey with Watch and Learn

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Webanywhere Team

Sean Gilligan was determined to run his business, Webanywhere, in the most innovative and effective way possible. Sean understood the power of video and how it could revolutionize the way his company communicated and learned. That’s why he built Watch and Learn, a social learning platform designed specifically for video.

Sean recognized that traditional forms of communication and training were no longer sufficient. He knew that his team needed a platform that would enable them to connect, collaborate, and learn in a more engaging and efficient manner. And so, he decided to leverage the power of video messages to transform the way his business operated.

One of the key ways Sean utilized Watch and Learn was through monthly townhall speeches. These virtual gatherings brought together the entire team of around 100 people to celebrate successes, track progress, and share stories. The video calls lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes, allowing everyone to take stock of their achievements and address any challenges. To end each meeting on a positive note, team members would praise and recognize one another, fostering a culture of support and encouragement.

In addition to townhall speeches, Sean also used Watch and Learn for regular check-ins and debriefs. He understood that progress status update meetings were essential but often seen as low-value in terms of time management. With Watch and Learn, managers and knowledge workers could easily record and share video updates, eliminating the need for time-consuming meetings. This streamlined communication approach freed up more time for meaningful work and collaboration.

“Watch and Learn has truly transformed our operations at Webanywhere. It grants our teams the essential flexibility to delve into focused, in-depth work. Knowledge workers can now engross themselves in their tasks without the constant interruptions from Slack or Zoom, fostering an environment conducive to productivity and meaningful outcomes. Additionally, managers can stay informed through this platform, promoting a well-balanced workflow that resonates with our mission for efficient and effective collaboration,” said Sean Gilligan, Founder & CEO of Webanywhere.

The versatility of Watch and Learn allowed Sean to explore various ways to engage and educate his team. Interactive polls and links to related resources could be seamlessly integrated into the videos, making learning interactive and self-directed. By providing employees with the tools to become teachers and publishers of their knowledge, engagement and involvement soared to new heights.

Sean realized that traditional top-down approaches to learning and development were outdated. With Watch and Learn, social learning became a powerful force within the company. By empowering his employees to take ownership of their learning and share their experiences, Sean witnessed a transformation in the way knowledge was acquired and applied. Instead of being forced to learn, his team members were now eager to explore and grow.

Watch and Learn proves invaluable in the realm of sales and customer success. In sales, it serves as a comprehensive platform for sharing product knowledge, sales strategies, and training materials, enabling sales teams to upskill and align their approaches effectively. Additionally, the platform facilitates the creation and dissemination of engaging content like customer testimonials and case studies, bolstering the sales pitch and building client trust. In the customer success domain, Watch and Learn allows for the creation of tutorials, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides, ensuring clients have easy access to resources for optimal product utilization. It’s a versatile tool that supports both acquiring and retaining customers through informed and engaging content.

“Watch and Learn has been a game-changer for our sales approach,” said Steve Ding, VP of Client Services. “It enables us to showcase our products and services dynamically, making client interactions more engaging and impactful.”

Watch and Learn can significantly enhance project management efforts across various domains. In project management, particularly for new team members or those transitioning to different roles, it can serve as an educational hub, providing tutorials and training materials to quickly get up to speed with project requirements, tools, and processes. The platform can also be utilized for sharing best practices, recording project meetings or discussions, and creating a knowledge repository. This ensures that vital project insights and lessons learned are captured for future reference, fostering continuous improvement. Furthermore, project managers can employ the platform to convey project goals, timelines, and updates, ensuring everyone is well-informed and aligned, ultimately contributing to smoother project execution and successful outcomes.

“In agile project management, Watch and Learn has revolutionized how we coordinate and track progress,” said Ciaran Gilligan, VP of Service Delivery. “It keeps the entire team informed and aligned throughout the project lifecycle.”

Through the strategic implementation of Watch and Learn, Sean successfully created a culture of continuous learning and collaboration within his organization. His team became more connected, informed, and motivated, resulting in improved productivity and success. With the power of video, Sean’s vision for a more efficient and engaging business became a reality.

The narrative surrounding Watch and Learn stands as a beacon of inspiration, illustrating the profound impact that innovative technologies can have on steering business growth and achieving success. This account serves as a reminder of the transformative potential inherent in embracing advancements that redefine the landscape of business operations and learning experiences. It highlights how the integration of such technologies can unlock new horizons and elevate enterprises to greater heights.

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