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Unleashing the Power of Totara 17

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Ladies and gentlemen, hold on tight because the latest release of Totara LMS is taking workplace learning to a whole new level. That’s right, Totara 17 is here and it’s packed with a host of game-changing features. It will transform the way your organisation creates employee development plans. Let’s dive into the new upgrades, developments and how you as managers can make the most of this awesome platform.

Introduction to Totara 17

Think of Totara 17 as the Swiss Army Knife of workplace learning – it’s got everything you need to supercharge your teams’ training programs and drive employee performance to new heights. And trust us, as one of the leading brands in learning management systems, we know a thing or two about what works in the world of workplace development.

Enhanced Competency Management System

With Totara 17, you’ll have access to an enhanced competency management system. The system makes it easier than ever to define and track the skills, knowledge, and behaviours required for job roles. You’ll be able to see, at a glance, where your employees stand, what they need to do to become experts in their fields and curate personalised employee development plans.

Driving Performance with Totara 17

But Totara 17 isn’t just about tracking skills – it’s also about driving performance. That’s why we at Webanywhere are excited about the new performance management system in Totara 17. This powerful tool gives you a centralised process for evaluating employee performance, setting goals, and ensuring continuous improvement.

Learning Environment

Of course, Totara 17 isn’t just about competencies and performance. It’s also about creating an engaging learning environment that encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing between teams. That’s why the new release includes multi-device support, customisable dashboards, and a social learning platform that makes it easy for employees to connect, learn, and grow together.

This new release has everything you need to supercharge your teams’ training programs and drive employee performance to new heights. 

Unleash the power of the beast with Webanywhere! Get in touch to elevate your workplace learning with Totara 17. 

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