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New Launch From Webanywhere Lets Companies Have Branded Video Calls

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Webanywhere, today announces the availability of brandable video calls with no software to install. This new concept allows organisations to create branded video sites from which they can launch video calls. In instances where diaries clash, users can use different communication channels. Watch and Learn fills the business communication gap by using voice notes, video chat and screencasts between meetings.

Bridging the Communication Gap

In this current work-from-home environment, face-to-face communication is becoming more and more a thing of the past. Instead of co-workers stopping by the desk to ask about updates, our inboxes are being inundated with messages. We login to video conferences that are hard to focus on and plagued with teething problems. Watch and Learn bridges this gap between these two extremes.

This video sharing feature is part of Webanywhere’s effort to speed up business communication to provide the benefits of face-to-face collaboration between colleagues, customers and partners who cannot physically be in the same location but still wish to conduct effective communication, coaching, interviews and sales engagements.

“Technology needs to be more empathetic and combining video conferencing with voice notes and video messages makes communication more human” said Sean Gilligan, CEO of Webanyhere. “Video conferencing is on the rise and has been one of the defining elements of the coronavirus pandemic, with millions of people forced to work remotely.”

Watch and Learn provides a delightful user experience for both structured and spontaneous communication.

“Watch and Learn is a one stop shop solution which allows you to enter video rooms or messaging groups. Working from home can be lonely. Watercooler conversations are no longer possible. The real work happens in the meetings between the meetings,” said Sean Gilligan.

Having one platform where you manage and participate in scheduled (formal) communications and spontaneous (informal) teamwork reduces your communication overhead.

Offices are closing and lots of people are uncomfortable returning to work for health reasons. This demand is met with an all in one video and messaging platform.

Michal Woch, Operations Director at Webanywhere, went on to add “The problem that Watch and Learn solves is for those instances where a meeting is not necessary and an email lacks emotion. Watch and Learn addresses the business communication gap by bringing empathy into the remote workplace.”

Executives have a communication overhead when it comes to checking in with all staff. Managers who do this too often are accused of micromanagement. Watch and Learn helps you avoid radio silence by keeping all communication channels open.

Sean Gilligan went on to say “You can see who has played your audio messages or watched your videos. In addition Watch and Learn can launch high-quality video calls in a branded environment with no software to install.”

Watch and Learn provides businesses with an efficient and easy to use alternative to endless emails and meetings.

The platform, which can be used across all mobile and desktop devices, enables members of your team to send short video, audio and text messages to colleagues which appear on a social media style timeline.

With Watch and Learn, everyone is kept updated and informed from anywhere at any time, without their inbox getting flooded.

Watch and Learn moves business communication away from the inbox and makes it interactive and fun.

In conclusion, you wouldn’t dream of turning up to an exhibition with an unbranded shell as a stand. Furthermore, if you spot a white van driving down the street you don’t know which company is being represented. Why should this be any different when it comes to video calls? Branded video calls build trust with your audience. It’s not just about the screen backgrounds, the presentations and the content of video calls, it’s how you launch a video call.

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