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Totara 12 – the Latest Features You Don’t Want to Miss out On!

Posted by: Sean Gilligan
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Totara is an open source talent and learning management system that extends upon the core structure of another LMS for corporate, healthcare and government environments.

You can create the specific structures and relationships of job positions and different sections within your organisation. Totara Learn enables staff to complete their certifications online or even at home, saving time and money.

First impressions are important and how your site looks is a big factor in engaging your users. Totara Learn version 12 contains a range of improvements to the way you can set up the look and feel of your Totara site.

The site is still based on blocks but now with more flexibility. Blocks can now be full width at the top and bottom of the page and you have the option to rename the block, remove borders and headers. This is particularly powerful when combined with the features link box.

Rob Faulkner, VP solutions for Webanywhere said:

“My job is to work with the customers and to understand what they need the system to do and then help our company to then configure it and build it to match their requirements.”

“The main thing for us is flexibility, because not every business wants to do their training and learning the same as every other business. So Totara allows us to customise it to be exactly what they need it to be, so rather than them having to change their processes to match the system, we can get the system to match their processes.”

Totara 12 includes a host of new features and functionality designed to provide rich, tailored experience for the learner whatever the training text may be: onboarding, compliance or for the extended enterprise.

Using open source technology, Totara 12 provides organisations with full flexibility and control over the learning experience.

A new addition is to create more workability around the site structure, a third level has been added to the top navigation area and the most significant change is the introduction of a configurable site administration menu, which has been relocated to the top right of the screen. As a site administrator, you can create your own groups of links for different tasks, allowing you to set it up in a way that works for you.

Many of the new features add further power and ease of use, with an enormous range of appearance options. Here are a few improvements that will be featuring in version 12:

  1. Faster and easier to find relevant courses with a visual course catalogue
  2. More space for content with a streamlined top navigation bar
  3. More engaging visual options to help attract learners, including full-width banner and footer blocks and custom image feature link
  4. Clearer communication with a refined front page which improves the display of course lists, course search, and announcements.

Totara 12 is the newest, most advanced and flexible system yet. Everything has been designed to offer the customer full freedom over creating the learner environment.

If you would like any more information regarding Totara 12 visit https://www.webanywhere.com or call on 0113 3200 750

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