Webanywhere and JetBlue Awarded Gold Brandon Hall Technology Excellence Award

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By: Jessica Arenz

We are honored to announce that Brandon Hall Group, the leading independent research and analyst organization focused on human capital management practices, has awarded Webanywhere the Gold Award for Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology as part of their Technology Excellence Awards Program in Learning & Development.

Our submission titled ‘Reforming Higher Education with MyDegree from JetBlue Scholars’ detailed how the platform we built in partnership with our client JetBlue Airways enables flexible, self-directed and self-service learning for their JetBlue Scholars program.

“We set out to empower JetBlue crewmembers to earn a college degree on their own terms. After enrolling, Scholars needed to be self-directed in their educational pursuit, and Success Coaches and Administrators needed the resources necessary to ensure their success. JetBlue Scholars is the first educational assistance program of its kind, and we needed a ‘first of its kind’ technology solution. MyDegree brings all of the necessary components together, enabling scholars to focus on their academic goals.”

– Cody Cleverly, Manager of Academic Programs at JetBlue

At the heart of the Scholar experience is myDegree — a Totara platform — a first-of-its-kind solution made possible by custom degree management and a wide variety of features that contribute to the platform’s flexibility, simplicity, efficiency, effectiveness and the overall success of the JetBlue Scholars program. If you’d like to read more about the features, check out our JetBlue case study.

Award-Winning MyDegree Platform

What makes MyDegree truly unique is that it enables self-directed, self-service learning. Full-time employees can learn at their own rate with complete flexibility in how they progress. Scholars can log in at any time to verify progress, jump in on forums, request a course or have a conversation with their Success Coach. For example, JetBlue’s flight attendants who are Scholars can easily slow their progress during travel, send their Success Coach a quick message to request enrollment to a new course and have it approved by the time they return home and then get ahead as much as the want.

Behind the scenes, MyDegree is making JetBlue Scholars possible while adding even more value to the overall experience and is also setting the stage for how employers are offering educational assistance.

The most significant benefits realized by JetBlue include:

  • 60% reduction in the cost of educational assistance
  • 33% increase in administrative and coaching efficiency
  • Improved engagement and retention among enrollees
  • Reduced average annual per-employee cost up to 60%
  • Received a Net Promoter Score of 87 points

We are thankful for JetBlue’s support and continued partnership. The work that JetBlue has done to further employee education and development sincerely makes us proud.

What Makes Webanywhere Different?

As a certified Platinum Totara partner, Webanywhere is authorized to provide a full range of complex development services for unique-use cases. We strive to work closely with you to build and deliver a custom learning platform that meets and exceeds your business needs. We have experience in both traditional, top-down approaches to learning, as well as modern, bottom-up ones. As a global company, we leverage resources from all over the world to bring your vision to life.

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