4 Steps to Make Your eLearning More Discoverable

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4 Steps to Make Your eLearning More Discoverable

By: Jessica Arenz

The modern learning and development landscape is shifting from an environment of learning management to learning engagement by embracing informal, social and collaborative trends. According to a study by CARA, a corporation that focuses on human performance solutions, found that more than 70% of what we learn in life and the workplace is the result of informal and social situations, like searching for a solution using Google, or watching a “how-to” video on YouTube.

Here are four steps to make your eLearning more discoverable so you can leverage informal learning in your organization.

Step #1: Break it Up

Breaking up your content into bite-sized chunks, (a.k.a. microlearning), makes learning easily digestible for your learner. There’s a huge need from your learners to quickly access smaller, more focused morsels for a specific point of need.

Step #2: Make it Accessible

Ensure your content is HTML5-ready and tested for quality assurance on mobile devices so that your learners can access their learning from anywhere, anytime. A mobile workforce needs mobile accessibility.

Step #3: Make it Engaging

Simply ‘digitizing’ content from the physical realm is not enough to hold attention. You also need to add rich media and interactions to make it engaging, as 90% of the information our brains process is visual, and video viewers are 65% more likely to retain that information.

Step #4: Use a Social Platform

According to the same study by CARA, 98% of respondents said social media is altering the way employees access information and learn. A social platform, which complements your existing LMS (not replaces it), plays a vital role in making your content discoverable. These platforms can also work with your repositories to automate tagging of your learning content and help you develop personalized learning paths for your learners.

For example, a platform like Promatum gives learners the ability to bookmark, search for or filter by key terms and content types and ‘like’ and share content via email and social media.

What is Promatum?

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