Totara Recipes: How to Onboard Effectively

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Totara Recipes: How to Onboard Effectively

Onboarding employees can be time consuming and difficult. We’ve created a simple recipe that runs from the team introduction all the way through to the new hire’s first day. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to employee onboarding, but here are a few ingredients that can help.

Totara and Webanywhere recipe card on onboarding training


  • Onboarding plan

  • Awareness: culture & values of the business

  • Team introductions

  • Compliance training

  • Mentor in the process

  • Access to systems

  • Open mind and inquisitive attitude

  • Social inclusion

  • Reporting mechanism


  • Build out the onboarding process with HR/L&D stakeholders

  • Share your video on company vision and values

  • Setup compliance training LMS prior to start date


  • Meet the team

  • Migrate valuable data/content over to your new LMS, whether this is Totara Learn or similar solution

  • Training at the point of need

  • Use gamification with badges, rewards or other fun ways of motivating your learners.

Serve and enjoy!

  • Instant productivity as your workforce knows how to perform the first exchange right after they onboard.

  • Efficiency as employees and partners to start to own tasks quickly or complete sales successfully.

  • Increased revenue as once your workforce is onboarded you will have more employees, working with you for longer, doing a better job.